Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Once Upon A Time Season One

22 Episodes
Genres? Fantasy, Business-ish, Romances, Family Rules 

This talked-about show seemed to hit everybody's heartstrings in the recent seasons. How was its start? 

Oh, my-! It was ridiculously short and... stale. I felt so critical on this series, no offense. I mean, ABCStudios, how low could your budget go?? 

I was not able to enjoy the overall idea nor its characters. (Henry, the whiny bitch boy needs to go.... his acting sucks as fuck!) Okay, okay... there's got to be a reason most of its goddarned audience likes it, right? 

Once upon a time, an evil queen banished our beloved fairytale characters to our world of : no happiness, rooms, or magic. Time has been frozen until Emma Swan drives into town (in her yellow Bug/Hummer). Will she break the curse bestowed upon the enchanted town's citizens or will she... gain more enemies and ignore them because she'll learn that cursing doesn't make you a badass? 

Should I rant... because I can. But I can't because I am sure this currently airing series is on your Watchlist. Well, how about the good that came out of this cheap production? Ha, there's a select few:::: 
The only characters you'll be focused on are Rumpelstiltskin, the evil Queen (duh!) , Henry, Emma, and supposedly hot guys who just walk casually into the story. (They need to be The Vampire Diaries or something! Making dark look strangely Edward Cullen-y.) 
The acting' s pretty amateurish and Henry is THE WORST KID ACTOR I'VE EVER SEEN . (Hansel, Young Snow, Baby Emma, and Young Pinocchio were wayyy better damn him!) 

That's the only goodness I harvested. Désole, des saisons de l'anneé. 

Now..the oh-it-hit-me-HARD! topics.. 

  1. Cheap animation and graphics 
    The bird is oh so terribly drawn... 
  2. Villains gotta show boobs... oops, I meant cleavage.. (show more with every appearance!)
  3. The wigs, especially The Evil Queen' s hairs
  4. Henry
  5. Unnecessary cursing (there are other words than What the hell, you know?) 
  6. Eggs [and possibly dicks..]

7.And slow episodes!! I was dead like, 18 times XXP

So.. you still want to watch anyway? Those who just watch to preview the show and prejudge, let's unite! 
°°°°Episode 18 to the Season Finale should be good enough XD°°°°

Grade: 5.6-7.7
I'm not really anticipating the next Season ; it's good for filling up those rainy or coconut hazy days . 

À la prochainet : until next time .