Friday, October 17, 2014

Kashimashi/Kasimasi ~ Girl Meets Girl

35 Chapters | 5 Volumes
--Genres:: Romance, Light Light Humour

Hazumu loves flowers and falls in love with the gentle, pretty girl, Yasuna. After confessing  his feelings, he shuns himself away to a mountain after she turns him down. But, he gets hit by... nothing more ordinary than a spaceship from beyond. 

Okay, so.. weird story. Hazumu is sadly, a sensitive clueless bag of.. airheadness. Apparently, the aliens genetically alter his sex because he .. gasp! survived! 

And who else to catch him from his descent than...his , or "her" two lovers, a childhood friend and the First Love. 
Oh, did I mention that this storyline is also an ANIME of 12 Episodes??!!

Stare at me..
One eye will always be bigger throughout the series.

My experiences:: 

I loved making fun of Hazumu all the way in the Anime. In the manga, everything's his fault-
great, right? 

What's wrong with a guy eating ice cream with little teaspoons or something??

The anime is exactly as the Manga until Chapter 20-End. I enjoyed the ending of the Manga better because the animators pretty much gave us The Actual Ending Presented By Us and The Ending That You Wanted, But Didn't Get, So Here It Is. 

The Opening song is as light as the art - it's kind of kiddish, but it got to my head, so it may as well yours. I swayed along . 

The musician. Everybody has loved one before -- !

The anime metaphorically uses flowers as symbols of Love and Love Triangle/Polygonal Conflicts. I liked the symbolism.

Manga: 7.5 / 10
Anime: 6.4-7.3 / 10