Friday, August 1, 2014

Oppai Heart

2 OVAs : 30 mins each
Based off a manga/light novel of the same title extended beyond a colon!

This is a great example of displaying hentai cliches. Still working on the list!! Anyway,

Oppai Heart is either a substitute-the-girl or two separate stories in the same setting. Our main character is a high school student, Ryuu, who gets hard pretty easily at the sight of many ecchi factors. 

I will insert my thoughts and observations for the OVAs in their order. You'll see once you read on!

    The first OVA is about how Ryuu' s sister, Miya, contracts a virus that makes her horny at the sight and contact of men (too bad it wasn't any person.. ) So, a symptom of this virus is that breasts or dicks get bigger and rock hard.. yeah! To calm down this, sex must be done.. 
Most overall plots of this hentai mentions that Ryuu and some friends took a medicine that made them sensitive to dither sex or something. In my watching period, I guess this explains why he gets so hard. 

MISHEARD KPOP LYRIC: "I don't know, I don't know, I don't know, but I'm hard [hot?], hard"
So friggin cute:: Bro, no one can tell her to not say "Nya NYA"
I don't know why , but,
My first reaction to this line was "@wwww!"
Agree or Creep--

I don't have any pics on hand for this OVA, but the whole OVA is an uneven scale of "in the school" and "at home.. with no parents. EVER."
The second OVA is pretty much about previously seen green-haired chick and how she's.. addicted to Ryuu? Yeah , nothing special, just hot hentai sex. Bonus points-!

In this OVA, it's all about the reference to semen, cum, etc as milk. 
In this picture above, the dick was already censored... looked better that way. 

Gah.. this OVA taught me that (hentai) girls are stupid when it comes to sex.. Well, they're usually stupid anyway. -\_/-

And that's I how discovered that this was a fetish I had temporarily. I don't even know if premature lactation exists; but I do know that premature ejaculation does thanks to Futari Ecchi! 
This closing OVA is all about sex everywhere.. be sure to spot the most ridiculous "other safe place to do it!" 

I honestly hoped that they'd include a lab scene or a sacrifice by sex (like those fantasy hentai), but .. no. I would have been more excited about the story if they focused on one girl. It took some time for me to realize that they changed the storyline a bit. 

It's all about the hentai sex.. everywhere and anywhere~sort of. The characters are ridiculously folly folks, so enjoy stupid people make out like hot shit! 

->GRADE! 8.6/10
S   e  n t e n c e.  The breasts... what a beautiful thing.