Tuesday, August 12, 2014

30 Sai No Hoken Taiiku

12 Episodes- 10-12 mins each
Genres: Sex Ed, Comedy, Ecchi, Romance??

The series is based off a novel/manga adaptation, a guide for 30 year old  virgins. Anywho, on his 30th birthday, Hayao Imagawa is visited by a God of Sex, the brothers, Daigoyou  and Makaron. On the other hand, a 30 year old librarian, Natsu Ando, has had two sisters be her teachers for losing "it."

The comedy was nice and there's  a censored and uncensored version. I ended up watching the scribbly censored version. Each episode contains 6-8 Lessons.. from making eye contact to be seen as a potential lover/partner to timing your confession, the tips are visually supported and can be handy for those who have trouble in love. 

Probably one of the most beautiful censorship bars I'll ever  see. 

I had a problem with the outline lines. The art is a mix of basics and cute, whimsical color combos.. like the fashion  which shows that pink and  black are compatible. But the lines  that outline the characters made me feel as if I were watching an American cartoon. 

Some episodes were laggy, but the ending was like a statement and conclusion. Be sure to watch after the ending song otherwise, you'll miss the ending! I know, I don't like situations like that , too. 

In my watching experience, and a cliche list, I think I had a better lesson from hentai than these 10 Minute scenarios. I think the animators went overboard with the whole God thing - they've got their own tricks up their sleeves. 
There were a couple random scenes , but I guess they were  inserted just to kill time. 

Grade. 6.5-7/10

UPDATE 1: Thanks to anyone who has commented on any of my posts. :) Love us already ! Anyway, I'm going to announce that I am striving to be a personal Youtuber. So, I can't wait to define the types of anime viewers 

This Anime is a bean sprout. Eat it when you're bored. :)