Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Chu-Bra: Anime

Underwear Eye!

Genres: Ecchi, Slice of Life
12 eps
==Manga: 7 volumes

A well-ended anime, learn about bras and underwear, the underwear business, and friendship! It's a cute anime with the additions of humor (not sex jokes, thankfully) and modern gestures like da bitchslap!
Nice. To. Know! 

Nayu is a quirky girl who gave everyone the impression that she was a prostitute. On the day of presenting the class rep(s), why was she wearing "adult undies?" Two friends, Haruka and Yako, decide to investigate , uncovering a surprise.

The story progresses gradually, eventually leading up to an "unsuspecting wall." We're all waiting for the biggest shocker!! (Which led to me in tears.) ,>~<, Nice animes are able to make you cry at least once. That's a rule I keep in mind when I watch anime.. I'm always waiting for me to just tear up. I feel good when I do.

The feels - there's not that many, but the realism of situations .. bravo. Thank you for making stairway saves imperfect. *****QUESTION FOR MAKEUP USERS: Does makeup not stay on so easily in the summer? 
I love all the different angles that  we watch. It's a new experience.

The humor is this cupcake' s sprinkles ; the characters are the frosting! Sweet and lovable..every single one. I'm so jealous of Nayu now: I wish I had a brother like him!!

And some Comedy! Toss that in ~ 

Overall, it's a very rare kind of topic for a story . It's quite a heart felt ending and friendships. The characters change into a different self and reflect how they were affected by one girl. It's an enjoyable watch and there isn't one second of boring. There is no adventure, though.

G r a  d e  :: 7.4/10 

_ Underwear Eye! _