Thursday, August 14, 2014

School Days

12 Chapters: 2 Volumes
-Short Read- (for an hour or Less)
GENRES. Drama, Romance, Ecchi

Based off an h-game (hentai game, mwah ha!)

Okay, who has seen the Anime adaptation? I haven't, so.. that'll be upcoming. I can't wait?

They say that if you take a picture of the one you love/like, and it's undiscovered for three weeks, a love will blossom between you and him/her. Makoto likes Katsura, a girl he's admired from afar. (Who hasn't done this?) His childhood friend decides to help him get closer to her after she befriends Katsura. 

Okay, if you're gonna read this, READ EVERYTHING. It'll make more sense and explain that most people conduct actions for a reason. The art is like a typical shoujo , but the story is probably a "WORST CASE SCENARIO" one. Love Triangles are harsh; the drama starts immediately at the beginning!

What to say, what to say. The story idea is unique, but of course, the Manga should be noted for its "expected , but not like that!" ending. At least the [female] characters gave off a dark aura. Gah, I had a feeling!!

The drama stays in the web the whole time from school all the way to Makoto with Katsura or his childhood friend, Sekai Saionji. Damn, it follows the poor guy everywhere and anywhere. And, because the Manga is based off a hentai game (which I haven't seen or played yet), there's got to be a night somewhere. There's only one sex statement. Yay~ .

There are bound to be mixed reactions - about Makoto and if course, the ending. 
I don't know if Makoto is a jerk or he just is so fucking indecisive!

It had potential and was building some strong bonds of characters, but a new energy exploded from the middle of the street. Sigh, either the ending needs to be altered or with a lessening "whoa" affect or the Manga be extended to about 4+ volumes. Am I asking too much? 

Read if you'd like - but caution yourself. It's like Slenderman all over again.

Grade! 6.7/10 : It's a Venus Fly Trap. Interesting, with a side of sticky and a sickly green leaf. 
Heard that there was an anime adaptation, so that'll be coming up!  Stay tuned and this year, I'll be on YouTube!! I mean, vlogging and the works.