Saturday, August 23, 2014

Yakitate!! Japan manga AND anime

焼きたて!! じゃぱん
69 Episodes ; 242 Chapters/ 26 Volumes
An Everything Series :
Baking, Comedy,
 Ecchi, Romance (one-sided+Newfound), Sci-fi (a touch of it),Suspense, Action (with food ?? Lol), you should get the idea.

Oh my, what  a tale!
Azuma Kazuma is 16 and up to this point, has created many versions of du pain (studying French, anybody?) to make his ultimate Ja-Pan(because almost every country has its own, apparently.) He takes up breadworld chain, Pantasia' s Newcomers' Test/Tournament. 

I have no idea how this got onto my Watchlist, but it just did!I mean, how often do we see babyfaced boys? Who are in high school? ?

I loved the characters.. no, every. Single. Person, Animal, Ingredient. The anime episodes were really fast - after 8-9 minutes, it's halftime already! And did I mention we got puns? Japanese puns?? They'd make more sense if you understand the language; I've learned some, and I kind of grasped it, but then I don't.

Those eyes..
From an American cartoon?

The reactions from a sensitive taste judge were hot. No, not like sexy hot, but breathtaking (the only sexy thing Kuroyanagi pulled off was this) .

Lots of abs and hunk, ladies. They're comin'.

 Some reactions point references to other animes like Dragon Ball and Gerimaru, politicians, and Asian pioneers (like the founder of the Roumen/ Ramen? method), and animals.

I'm gonna complain, but the ending with the idea that Azuma' s bread saved the world from global warming and a surprise villain... was really a stop to the goodness of the whole series.
Oh, yeah.
That totally happened.
Guy bitchin' on us??

I mean, that was a mangaka' s suicide note! "Dear readers, as I am getting older, my life is fading, too. I shall insert a depiction of the future in the Manga' s world." Let's call this Ending One. It was confusing.
  This mangaka has lived a joyous , silly life. In some volumes, he talks about goings ons in his life.. Well, I enjoyed reading them. :)

The anime has like, four arcs and was exactly as the Manga until episode 26-ish. --You can find the eps on YouTube. --
Let's Compare!! 
    Censorship- In the Manga, in a near-naked battle of sweet, never ever boring bread, Pandora' s Box featured Bandous. Whereas, the Anime used diapered Chinese cabbages. Creepily cute?

Okay, kids.
Please caution yourselves with the Manga! 

I'm gonna slack on organizing. ..
Both versions have many mentions to their own manga and are quite aware that they're being watched (anime). These mentions are in the final arc and last five to ten chaps.

Daammmmmmnnnn.... that was a lot .
I got more pics, but you weren't here for those, right?

It's a great , smooth story with many lessons for life and baking!
However, the ending #1 and anime was too light to eat up. Ending #2 (3 years later..) is a nice final statement.

Grade! 8.4- 9.3/10 
Great and Amazing! Could've had more flaws and losses, but high class opponents will have to do. 
Americans are blond(e).

Get ready to bring out all those emotions ~!