Sunday, September 6, 2015

New Girl Season Two

There are a couple halls with couples, couples everywhere in high school. New Girl has an emerging couple from the home front ~~

25 Episodes

Sometimes, I feel that displaying all my freshman work on here is worth any kid's while. Who wouldn't want to know how different 9th grade is from middle school? (Goodness, those years have lied to me!)

The past Friday sent butterflies to my stomach during an end-of-the-day writing assessment. What's great is that if you don't finish or write poorly, you can get a grade of 60 at the minimum. I figured that I probably got a70+ because I was kinda bored through the summer novel and everything that I thought I knew about Watergate was partially foggy. I thought Nixon's dirty work was tapping into American telephones!

So, I've begun to have Goals of the Week (or prolonged). This week, those goals are:
·Don't be afraid of English class
·Finish a goddamn novel! (Currently: Forsyte Saga 3-in-1 and The Art of Talking to Anyone)
·Read more often
·Piano songs.. concurrently start some projects! (Maybe for starters, The Well-Tempered Clavier?)

That's enough about lately. Jess Day is rockin' with a new man (or men, in several cases)

She has definitely matured (mostly) as a woman who can say "no." From finally admitting her feelings to gently dropping a relationship that could've had it all, Jess is able to stand up for herself. Even if she's on and off with work, she knows how to have a life (well, *tries* to). Enjoyable as always,  she is. She's also going with some new looks ..

How about the mates? This time, they're out for sex. Whether these experiences of the difficulty of finding a condom or having your first time with a prostitute are relevant, the cameras are giving the boys more spotlight, and it was a fine choice. Winston is still under-rated, though.

And something big is happening toward the well-crafted final four episodes...

This season , love is in the air. With so many college flashbacks with Schmidt and Nick and a little bit of CeCe and Jess as teens, the show still relies on its skits for humor. And now, the numerous references are everywhere in the script.

Preferred Watching Sequence
1-8, 13, 14, 16-19, 21-25

grade: 6.8