Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Family Guy S5

Who knew how much fun the past was?

18 Episodes
Aired: 2006 FOX

This season is not extremely stellar, but it is what Family Guy is all about - the dysfunctions in the Griffin family, Peter's stupidity, and Quagmire. And at a mere 18 episodes, a walk down Memory Lane is no challenge. 

  Family Guy is 'sick, perverse, politically incorrect.' This totally applies to Season Five. With on-point references and much better timing and appropriated storyline/scenarios, EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE. 

Anybody remember "Cool WHip?" Classic jokes like this and conventional provoking ones are scattered, so you better watch all of it! The return of another president -- Clinton, Obama, Osama bin Laden is mentioned a couple times. Obviously satirizing the men's headlines and personal characteristics, the show goes a step further with the inclusion of a small handful of actors and singers, like Ben Stiller. The story has never been affected by jokes at hand, but it seems that Peter teaches all about the right one. 

   The right one, the perfect person, soul mate, your one and only. Peter has always egged his family, even act (or actually be) afraid of his wife, Lois, and his children. Unless you didn't really notice, Peter is out and about and only eats meals with the family. The Finale is bound to sway your head shaking at Mr. Griffin 's naivety and baseness. Peter and Lois may not be the most formidable married couple, but they do so well treating/caring for each other. 

   Everyone knows that cartoons just don't attribute to character developments. Well, Family Guy has never stood for the latter; after all, they trick you with Lois' masquerade acting and Stewie's attachment to his toys. Nope, we're diving a little into the abyss as Meg becomes obsessed (and incestuous???) and Lois, well, whatever Lois does. Alternate universe and alter ego -- not bad a combo. 

Essential -- not the funniest, but light hearted and well-composed 

As for life as a high school freshman, I'm picking up all I can for my end-of-year tips for the newcomers as a graduating freshman. I've already written out a hundred. It's not hell, but it's like being in a cave under the earth. I don't know. 

Out of all my classes, English 1 is my killjoy. I took the test over the first novel of the year, Anthem by Ayn Rand. Whether you desire my opinions and criticisms of the novella, I have only minutes to spare before my slumber for my Weekly Challenges. * Anyway, because the test was delayed, the instructor asked to bring in food for their own hunger. I was going to bring Vietnamese spring rolls because it's easy (I use a basic recipe that an idiot could come up with) , but decided that I wanted to cook something. So, basic baked fries and cheese toast. ** 

* I love living out a healthy lifestyle. I've learned so many diet, workout, and psychological-physiological tips that have boosted my self-esteem and prior knowledge. Previous challenges from me for me were Reduced Daily Sugar Intake, No Grains/Carbs (just Rice because it doesn't cause gas).. this week is 8 Hours Every Night. I wasted the past weekend on porn, Suits, Family Guy, and browsing. So, on Sunday, the day for the first school day of the week, I slept for eight hours and decided to record my mood from there. If I fall   even twenty minutes short, it must be atoned for. 

** I like to cook in the morning. I have tried to come up with my own versions of food, but hehhhhh...... I haven't finished reading and studying Magee's Food Science Redbook. I love the weight of that thing. Four pounds, maybe?