Sunday, June 28, 2015

Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?

13 Episodes
20 mins duration 

I've never played the CD-ROM game, but the show is a great adventure already. Hop around (mostly in Europe) and stop Carmen's heists.

Hello, gumshoes and 90s geeks and freaks. Carmen Sandiego is a woman of the 90s and surely deserves more recognition as "the world's greatest thief."

Ivy and Zack are a sibling duo from a well-to-do lifestyle in San Francisco that are ACME detectives. I have yet to discover what ACME abbreviates. I don't have any brothers, so I question how in the world brothers and sisters in a household don't heave around an atmosphere of timidity and awkwardness. And then comes my appreciation for incest...
Ivy a n d Zack have a rivalry and inferiority complex in the beginning, but I admire that these cases have united their trust in another, as well as thanking the Computer Player for putting together "a pretty hot team."
A little side note, Ivy needs Zack... Zack's self-sufficient. ((I am pondering Carmen's little obsession with Zack. .  Ba, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaa!!)
I better not see this again..
Carmen loves puzzles and places numerous clues throughout. As Dexter Morgan and other forensics folk like it, Carmen is 'consistent.'

From emphasising her speeches to scraps of paper or ancient artifacts, this supervillain seems to have everything to stay invincible. It's great that the detectives are extremely knowledgeable about world landmarks and such, but I do get confused at several Carmen clues. Or maybe I'm only attentive at the typical level. Hmm, better work on that, then .

Fluid animations for a 90s cartoon. A villainess who actually enjoys her heists and the life of an intelligent thief. Though, she fails to pick a well-rounded superior army of henchmen.. why can't they be as martially trained like Ivy?
World history takes place anywhere on Earth and the animations help one understand the amazing feats of mankind such as the 1969 Apollo mission and the complex architecture of the Mayan.