Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Before any questions rise about SWEATPANTS (which are snuggly cozy, by the way), here is Archer: Season One!

10 Episodes (excluding an "Unaired Pilot")
Black Comedy Thriller

At the secret spy agency, ISIS, the place is a wreck with a bizarre, contrasting staff . All the while, Archer Sterling brings to you a complex man of immaturity. 

**Not to be confused with Archie's Weird Mysteries and the comic series. 

A stand-out for its pop-art style, Archer was a midnight run for me ~ oops! Every episode is a new challenge for Archer, usually edicted from his mother, the chief executive of ISIS. Being Mommy's Boy, Archer is all for the benefits such as foreign chicks and sex. A self-centered egoistic 30-year-old! the man does soften his heart a bit, as does Malory Archer. Mother and son display pride as selfish, elite people. An example is the episode "Skytanic" where Malory fakes a mission just to take up her rival, Trudy Beekman's suite-room on the helium airship, Excelsior. Point: most of these missions this season are... set-up by Malory Archer for entertainment and or to save herself.

After watching the staff members, foreign business guys, and lots of servants, every cast member has felt like family to me. Pam, the manatee-sized woman, may have a pretty bitched-up snarl in her voice, but that voice suddenly seems 'the usual' after a few eps. With a ton of alcohol consummation,
I am always anticipating when the characters become drunken folk. Oh, the tales and gossip! And all the surprising sex of staff members! Bang-bang~

Words of Caution:
Archer: Where Pretty Much, No One is as They Seem

This has gotten onto my tail[bone] that anyone who is introduced for the sake of 
collision during a Mother-Sterling-issued mission is:
a shady character.
I have been tricked a number of times by those passing by. 
Who knew that it could be easy to fake being gay men? 
Why, Charles and Rudy!

Grade: 8.3 
(Based off SWEATPANTS) 

SWEATPANTS is a 10-point-factor rubric for scoring TV series from animes to cartoons, dramas, and shows. Not applicable for game shows and reality television
(though I have some interest for Jersey Shore, hmm..)

Personally, I believe that I have under-rated numerous shows as of late.
In my mind, 7 is a show that is a decent watch, but lacks enjoyability, a script, etc. 
Anyway, Let's get to it ~~

**SWEATPANTS (10 points maximum per factor)**
Sequence/ Surprise Elements
Ability to be Binge-Watched/ an Addictive Watch
Theme Song/ Animation is Present
Personalities Differ Among Characters
Alternating Viewpoints/ Camera Work
Nice! There's Character Development
Title (is it a well-known show or shows creativity colors?)
Suspense (was there a heart-stopping moment?)

To Use:
1. Finish a season of the series.
2. Rate on a scale of 1-10 per SWEATPANTS letter.
3. Add- find the sum
4. Divide the sum by 10 (or just move the decimal one place prior)
5. Check Reasonability of Rating
6. Hands on Hips , You Got the Job Done