Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pretty Little Liars Season Five : Worst Cliffhanger Finale??

25 Episodes
Realistic || Mystery-Suspense

Well, thanks to the producers who have fooled us again!

(with their ability to bluff, I mean) As so, I am now considering to watch Veronica Mars for the sake of something better than waiting for a menace who has been tirelessly boring the color out of me ((when you look at your own skin and wonder if something's up with the lighting- am I tan? Or did I get tanned?)

Who remembers Captain/Lt./Whatever Tanner? She is an exceptional example of putting your nose in someone else's business. Not a detective, but a supposedly empathetic mind, Tanner makes everyone run away from the police department. So damn scary..

In Season Five, it's all about shady business from Mike Montgomery to a three-line anagram that, lo and behold, described 'A' who is someone that is truly from an idea that isn't outside the box, but closer to someone's family tree.

Okay, shady business. Check. 

++Minor or Major Spoiler++
How significant was Ali's disappearance or death to the Liars? 
A lie.
She's alive and returns! 
Favorite Finale Moment

The DiLaurentises have complex morals that typical families just don't face. Sadly, one of them is A. Oopsie X)

Slow, slow, and quite a drag,
Loyalty, trust, and obviously, secrecy, are morals that viewers can learn from -
You don't have to trust a pretty girl, but keep some of your own secrets
_dirty or not.

Of course half or all of the most interesting characters left Rosewood -
Jenna, CeCe, Noel (where the HELL is he?) ..


5.5-6.3  ·°°°°°°°°°°· Feeling guilty, oh dear..