Friday, May 8, 2015

Faking It : Season One

8 Episodes
School | Romance

It's a girl thing, you know? 
It's not cool to be not popular. . 

High school. The years of terror to many, Amy and Karma (yeah, that's really her name... thanks, hippie parents) attend Hester High School in Austin. Being set in Texas, the huge denial of homosexuality is a fact throughout Texas.

The show is on hold until August when the second half of Season Two will finish airing. It is on MTV, which is infamously known for losing most of its audience since its Golden Age is over. 
The episodes are 20 minutes, like a sitcom, but with a mix of alternating viewpoints and the occasional sex scene. 
So, who doesn't love girl-on-girl action? So damn interesting. 
Is it softcore porn? I'm not a fan of softcore, so naturally, I'd say this is for pussies. Binge for three hours and you are ready to catch up. 

Oliver x Amy
Geek in love-- sugoi!
The series focuses on two best friends- a redhead who is desperate for popularity (Alison DiLaurentis would diss!) and a well-informed cutie. Personally, the redhead is so simple-minded that this show may as well be on Disney Channel Matured. Her personality is timid, reckless, and impulsive. Yeah, not so all-around decent for a person. From a writer's view, this character's naiveness makes her (intentionally) comedic entertainment. The American Idol contestant may as well show some boldness by improvising. I just love winging comedy .

The script throws in obvious references to the faulty 'gay acceptance' in America. From Obama's election to something that I can't recall, finally, the inclusion of parents' opinions. Something to distract yourself from the talking of daily high school language. Can't you just, like, stop talking?

They stole that guy from Disney?
He's the only guy that seems to appear everywhere on that channel
(besides the Good Luck Charlie kiddos)

Grade: 6.4-7 
Decent and way too soft for my taste
I'm gonna keep watching like a typical guy- for the Russian chick ... XX)

Today's aura was on such a different foot this week. I was simply a student and chameleon-like. Can I say that it is so easy to fake an identity, even as a youth? I believe that my life after moving from my little town of Iowa City has become a pithole for me. In fifth grade, I learned of their discipline tactics. The same Texas stereotype: the stern, unauthoritative voice. It was almost like having a talking cat taunt you by following you everyday during your walk from school. 
Years later, from the beginning of middle school, I've been trying to connect not with education, but with my mind. What was it about the education system and curriculum that just downgraded my positive, "school is fun!" thinking? After weeks, I concluded that my school was simply a daycare. 
A mere daycare. After two years of being an interest with my science and history teachers, daycare morphed to "the school is the slavemaster. All they want is money and we're being used." In the future, as an adult, I would like to try to establish or inspire an innovative, fresh transition of the current American teaching system. Or is it that I just happen to have so little faith in the Lone Star State? 

What is there to do about life and family? Am I truly seeing the world in a negative perspective? 
Can you grow up to be a philosopher? Is that even a modern-day occupation? 
Cool cool cool .... I want pasta.