Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman -- S1

21 Episodes

I can still recall a collection of Lois and Clark episodes from viewing them on the Hub Network. It was one of my favorite TV networks of the eleven-year-old me who finally got to enjoy television - from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episodes each week to Alf (the puppet always gives me nausea from its previews), the Hub was a place for truly anyone. But now that it's gone, I've missed the channel a whole lot. "Lois and Clark" may as well be considered the pilot of my watching experience. 

Suitcases are commonly associated with relocating or finding a new life. The incognito superhero identity, Clark Kent, moves from Smallville, Kansas to the big city of Metropolis. In the beginning, Kent is searching for a place to settle . In the end, he may be rethinking about his new life as a reporter for The Daily Planet.

Most of the world knows Superman's story - a seemingly-ordinary man with superhuman powers goes incognito among a big city. In Lois and Clark, the focus is aiming to put a light on the blooming romance between Clark and his partner, Lois Lane. The script isn't written in a mediocre manner, but it is straightforward and briefly humorous.

Nowadays, stubborn feminist characters are all the rage. Lois Lane is an example of such - even for a late 90s show, Let me tell you something about Lois: she will dive as deeply as she needs to.. just to scoop out the whole story. Also, she may have this huge ego and lacks a love life (just how could she say "yes" to this jerk of an ass?
Lois and Clark does bring up very relevant topics of a partnership and that of a relationship. I love watching the two have different feelings for each other and stirs up a pot of worry as a viewer. 
I worry that Clark will be afraid to be rejected by Lois or that he may have been blindly falling for her since Day One and I worry about Lois' inability to scoop out potential lovers' lives (like the ass, Lex Luthor) 

The show is a great family show except for a couple kissing scenes and a few "sex scenes." 
If you want a taste of the 90s to early 2000s, give this series a try . There is no one to diss upon, but
you may need to hand out some nicknames for a few introduced characters. 

I've heard that the second season will focus on the romance of Lois and Clark, so if you're just curious about that, feel free to skip the first season. 

Grade: 7.4/10