Saturday, May 30, 2015

Tie The Knot: Finally!

70 Episodes
40 minutes each

No, no, I didn't get married (perhaps, a future milestone?) ! May is ending and I have checked off "Finish/ Watch a Series to Honor Asian-Pacific Islander Heritage Month!" I rewatched and updated My Love From The Star post . The other Asian Drama is tonight's post, Tie The Knot. Ouch, what a downfall.

An infertile woman has a tube baby to be a mother and experience the wondrous life. Cheryl Yang plays as a hard-working wedding planner whose boss moves in as her next-door apartment neighbor AND harbors feelings for her. She even gains attention from an award-winning designer who holds on to his mother's spirit. 

The comedy of the two men competing for a smile, physical contact, etc is scattered throughout the first twenty episodes. So, the show begins quite decently  . Good!
Family. Oh, yeah, they're everywhere. From a disapproving mum to a hatred for a father, family affairs were boiling for extensive periods. It is not until the final thirty eps where these are resolved and brings the in-laws and the groom or the daughter and father on better footing.

I'd say that this show is very family-friendly, but there are occasional beer bottles and, in a select few, "sexual misinterpretations." Haha, the '"fhreesome'" idea was assumed so pathetically by our self-occupied woman. One of the things that pestered me. To continue this point, in reality, can a woman truly be obligated to two romantic interests? And in the end, having to choose only one? Even though I'm not in a relationship now, I have felt that this scenario is too limited, especially considering that 'love' is highly international. Why, at times, I hoped that she would ditch everything and marry a stranger that hasn't introduced himself once!

I did mention "tube baby," right? Li Xiao Mei went to New York and got a sperm donor, gave birth, and then removed her uterus. She has only one child, the sugar-loving Hao Hao. You wanna know who runs Xiao Mei's ballot? This kid. Argh. If you couldn't stand her for the first fifteen or so eps, just stop or skip to the [pretty obvious] finale, which is debatable depending on which man you wanted Xiao Mei to be with. So mad at this ending ~~

All in all, it's not Xiao Mei's happiness that is "beautiful," it is the other wedding team romances that are more appealing and a hand more realistic.

Grade: 4.7 
I've learned that the workplace is a vulnerable environment for a little fling . .