Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lover in Law

2 OVAs : 25 mins each
-based off an h-manga (is that what they're called?)

OMG, just finished this and will be remembered as one of my fave hentais. At least I was able to cry a bit - a couple feels in here!! 

You learn from the general blurb that the flower shop is there (or was there?)  because it was run by our main character's parents who are now dead. Now, the flower shop is run by Tsutomu and his sister-in-law, Mai, whose husband (Tsutomu' s older brother) is away in another city. Mai gets more distant and Tsutomu' s feelings for her, a family member, begin to show itself. But, Kozue, Mai' s friend and new employee, finds out that the relationship is more than just family. 

I got to this series on a hentai site under a tag. I've stayed with the series because it was in a different setting than most typical hentais. I mean, how often does a flower shop appear in an animation or movie? It's what I call "a landscape extra." 

I did not know that I could do this ,but how about we have a nutshell.. of OVA 1?!

Got any conclusions? See the whole story ~ 

Anyway, I loved everything about this hentai. The closing song makes me teary and the story development is like that sudden small bump that you ran over- yelping fun. Everything is perfect and unique~  the sex scenes or hentai sex isn't that hot (well, I mean, maybe for half of the viewers)... I got a little bored and surprised (the sudden clit tapping!! So. Scary.)

This isn't shit or even typical for a hentai! It's got a story, strong emotions, and hot cutie adults. And to top it all off COMEDY!   There isn't a lot, but  like little 'munks.. Lovable and small. Congrats and THANK YOU for the humor.

This voice actor said it like my mom.
Oh my =God=!

 And a lesson learned and known: Be true to yourself and be who you really are.

###GRADE### 10/10 : A Perfect Hentai that could have better scenes, but it's still good