Saturday, July 26, 2014

I Love My Younger Sister : Anime Movie-OVA

50 Minute OVA/Anime Movie
Based off the light novels/manga (too lazy to check)
Genres: Romance, Incest, School Life

Hello! Another late night one.. yay! I've been saving this day just for this. This is, luckily, not a hentai!  If you wanna watch a nice little love story with some intimacy, this should be a hit or miss. It received mixed reactions by the viewers.

So, Yori -- is a high school student who has a [fraternal]twin sister, Iku, whom he bottles his feelings toward. (sorry about grammar) He decides to do whatever he can to get her out of his mind such as forcing himself to fall in love and transferring to another school in a distant prefecture (region of a country) 

This movie was a recommended video when I was scrolling around YouTube . I was a little resistant because I thought this would have some hentai in it.. Well, -spoiler- once Yori decides to 'fess up his feelings to Iku, he tells her "Kiss me if you'll be mine rather than some other guy's." I know , jealous much? 

Aww.. this guy sure knows how to woo girls. But this guy seems to be a pretty cold bodyguard kind of guy. I mean, he put up a fight because some guy checked out Iku' s bra pattern! But he's got a soft spot and is quite protective about his relationships.
Right... as if incest isn't supposed to ever run in a family..
It's in most incest hentai!!

Another thing that anyone should be able to distinguish is the art. Iku' s hair is "long and soft," like many shoujo girls. And then Yori looks like he was drawn in the 90s or early 2000s. Well, this isn't "oldie art." The studio did add in some different styles such as below.

And some last notes: Iku, in my own opinion, she looks beautiful when she's sad.

Also, the movie was able to bring teary and moist eyes, but it's not that sad. There's no tragic backstory; I guess Yori was designed to be pitied on. I mean, now that is a life.
Ah, but what about the sex scene? (There's technically one) Well, it's a nice little slideshow

I liked the opening theme and the background music, but the rock -metal music at the end just broke the serenity. :/

Well, that was nice. Time for the final stuff, toppings, whatever you'd like to call it:

GRADE: 7-8/10