Monday, July 21, 2014

Boku no Pico (ぼくのぴこ)

2006 Production
The Set: (forms of available media): a manga and anime OVAs
3 OVAs , about 40 minutes each 

Yay, a late night  post! So... why did I watch this today? 
It was on my bucket list.. Check!

A lot of you may know that this is one popular hentai and is perhaps the World's First Loli-Shouta Yaoi Hentai. Anyway, I SURVIVED THE EXPERIENCE!

Honestly, even though this was my first finished hentai -series-, it didn't really creep me out because they look like 8 (they're supposed to be 13~15 years old).  And worst of all, they're male. Yes, as in "I got an ochinchin   you got one, and so do I,  So..."

So, the OVAs are pretty much about the blond pre-adolescent kid, Pico, and how  he lived out  his ways  after  being mistaken  for a girl and.... after losing his virginity. 

Now that's a lead-in. His supposed  lover is related to Pico's employer, who is the owner of a cafe. Tamotsu is the name! He's my favorite character in  this  entire series and sadly,

It's nice to be introduced to a humane character in a weird series. It's nice to relate,, right??
Yeah, he's  pretty relatable relationship-wise.. 

Okay, so that's..Story One... in the next two, Pico meets some //friends\\
You will learn that  Pico likes to wander and fool around (sexually,  of course) 

But thanks to his newfound friends, PICO FINALLY BECOMES HUMAN!

Finally, I've been waiting for this moment X)

This isn't a  creepy <thing>, it's just a weird relationship.. I think the animation has taken sexuality to another level. Beyond gender is age...  ?

The ending is just a sex scene, just so you  know ;)
Another thing , the sex scene timing. Around more than 5 minutes  long, the scene fits in any situation snuggly. 

If you wanna dare yourself to watch like so many people who did,
Just watch the last OVA.. the first one is just a softcore story and sex. It's like playing with a doll.

While most of the audience is disgusted by the many examples of huge age differences, I noticed that my first reactions were quite concentrated on the show. I wasn't freaked out by the fact that Pico was molested (actually, I didn't notice at all). This was a show where I was more determined to figure out the moral of the OVA rather than gaping at seven sex scenes. 
The animation is watchable due to the quality of the 2000s. So, that says something. 
All in all, it is a show that has a summer setting. Perhaps it is great for passersby..  
who knows when pedophiles will be a daily sight in everyone's lifestyle.

G r a d e : : 5.4/10 (OVA  3 alone is 6.5-7/10) 
"If your friend asks for a good anime to watch, say Boku no Pico."