Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hana Yori Dango 2 Returns!

Hana Yori Dango: Season 2~
11 Episodes - 
2007 TBS
Genres: Business, Romance, Comedy, High School

S t a r r i n g : (the people whom I believe are the most important throughout the series!)
  Inoue Mao AS Makino Tsukushi
  Jun Matsumoto (from jpop boyband, Arashi) AS Domyouji Tsukasa
  Oguri Shun AS Hanazawa Rui
  Matsuda Shota AS Nishikado Soujiroh 
  Abe Tsuyoshi AS Mimasaka Akira
  Nishihara Aki AS  Matsuoka Yuki

Hello! Ah~ writing a review right after you finish a series. That's one of my favorite things about Japanese dramas-- they're great for a one-day marathon. Anyway, so Hana Yori Dango left us with Tsukasa leaving for New York (  ♪ New York, New York ♪) to study business stuff.

So ~ what happened this time?
Tsukushi receives a prize of a three-day-trip to New York for one... obviously, she traverses to New York to see Tsukasa, but what do you know... she's being ignored! Then, tourism, tourism.... okay, back in Japan~ jealousy, betrayal, and new girls kick in to the story. 

The watching experience was uplifting, scary, and .. fun! (can't think of a better word now :((( 
So many new thoughts about characters came to mind:: everybody could be with anyone!!! Wahh! 
Character development seemed to apply to only two people... rather, one couple: Tsukushi and Tsukasa-- 
how else would the ending make sense? 

What did I like about this season? I couldn't really detect "an escalating ability of acting," but rather "an escalating altitude of emotions." The feels and the whole life of everything felt so real~ I was immersed enough to have a one-day series marathon! 

First love? Discovered and failed. Maybe this became a cliche later on~~ I mean, "my childhood friend was my first love" and "My childhood love is getting married.... I am so lonely||| WHYY?" to name a few.

Let me just say.. this season was a lot more serious and taught me some things~ 
**DISCLAIMER: No offense is intended.
A- Japanese, Asian, or Asian Drama characters have a high endurance level. Full sprint for 3 minutes! 
B- Your first love will get married to someone else, not you. 
C- Rain... adds a touch to emotional scenes. 
D- Your girlfriend/ "the one you're destined to be with" just might be that live-in maid.

The series... put bluntly:
->The better version of Heirs.
->Boys Over Flowers+Heirs+Jdrama Specialties (maybe I should make a list sometime) = this drama

Okay, let's finish this review off!
I saw Boys Over Flowers before I saw this series, so I kind of knew what was going to happen at certain scenes... but in my opinion, THIS CREW IS BETTER! I mean, did you hear this news a couple months ago? The leads were dating for 8 years!! The chemistry between all relationships are either awkward or just so perfect with reality's flows. 

GRADE: 8.7-9.3/10 
The better version of Heirs.