Monday, October 12, 2015

Columbo on Columbus Day

Happy Columbus Day, America!
On the outside, he's just nosy. But don't let your ego get a hold of you.

Aired: 1970s NBC
7 Eps
75 mins each 
A different director every episode
of the first season

The formatting of the crime scene in the beginning of each tale is unique. However, each killer is too relaxed during Lt. Columbo's interviews. This is where Japanese mystery dramas are more enthralling as the culprit makes at least one flaw, whether obvious or unnoticeable.
   Columbo is rather plain and logically fit, but Columbo is a different kind of detective personality. He doesn't spit out every note he takes, but rather asks insightful questions to only witnesses and potential culprits (the list is always less than 2 suspects).

The show stands out for its opening murder scenes (which feature gunshots, but no visible blood), but it is such a bore. Over an hour's time, it's mostly
Murder -> Walk and Ask -> Facing the Guilt 

Kudos to well-casted actors.

On Columbus Day, Americans honor Christopher Columbus' arrival in the New World in 1492. From this historic moment, The United States of America fought for its independence and expanded into a contiguous landmass and two outside territorial states.