Wednesday, October 28, 2015

1 Litre of Tears

Based off an inspiring published diary, 1 Litre of Tears TV remake didn't seem to be as movingg...

10 Episodes + 2:40:00 Special ; Movie
2005 FujiTV

Ikeuchi Aya is a normal 15-year-old student. Optimistic and passionate about her life, she learns that she has spinocellubellar degeneration, a disease that will make her unable to walk, chew, talk, live like a normal being. And the disease has no known cure.

I read the diary of Aya Shioka before watching the adaptations. The diary is a great refresher about the top priority of life: to live it. I myself have written in a few diaries for several years, but I never wrote about my inner feelings; it was all about my dreams, desires, drawings, and my day. Aya writes about an array of topics: people in her life, her own observations about her environment, her desires, and most strikingly, her struggles.
  I hate fictitious diaries (I guess an exception to Dear America or of the sort). I enjoyed The Princess Diaries films, but not the Cabot books. I was captivated by Aya's uplifting spirit- her will to enjoy life more than she ever has. To hear a story from someone who has who-knows-how-many-years left, there sparks a bit of hope for humanity. I've been thinking about what is truly important in one's life- to leave a legacy, be a role model, fame, recognition, youth, beauty?

       The show may not shine a light on Aya, but the show appreciates loving families. Aya Ikeuchi's family came to terms and supported Aya until ******************. I have to say that I applaud and resonate with her younger sister, Ako. "I wish I was sick so that [the family] would pay more attention to me like Aya"- sometimes there are days where I want to have the flu again or something. Staying in bed and my parents, especially my mom, remedying me, telling me where to vomit. 
     Alongside the theme of family and devotion, the parents are realistic displays of parenting a handicapped child. They're not cynical at all, but their acceptance pushes the importance of appropriate rebuffs. Ever see those mums who turn down their daughter's fiance without even inviting him to dinner.

Tears shed vary from viewer to viewer. 1 Litre of Tears was a bit of an exaggeration for me. The characters are extremely likeable, but the pacing and like a movie, only a couple details from the original diary, 1 Litre of Tears is like crying itself - it takes too much time. 

Preferred Watching Sequence: Episode Special or Movie

Grade: 5.8 ; 7.2 (Movie)