Friday, October 23, 2015

La la LA la la : Daria

She's smart, yet cynical ... all in ambience

Aired: 1997 MtV
High School Satire

Daria Morgandorffer is a high school outcast who is monotonous about life, high school, and makes many sarcastic remarks each episode.

She's a name that I've heard since fifth grade and I never got to know her. Well, this week, I did. Daria's fiery remarks are the bomb. While these moments are mild compared to mindblowing amazement, Daria keeps her smarts tucked in a green parka jacket.

        The Pilot spoiled me with heavily witty remarks and the Morgandorffer sisters' first-day psychology test. One of my favorite moments this season.

         Satirizing high school? That's definitely enough persuasion for me! Now, Season One covers the basic basics of cliques, teachers, even special treatment towards, say, athletes. While this satire is clear, it has not changed my feelings about high school. Rather, I kind of want to visit a Lawndale High sometime in my life. 

The voice actors are perfect - Kevin (the dumbass jock) and his habit of calling everyone "Babe," Daria's monotonous voice, and Quinn's rambling. And with a legitimate script that matches each character strengthens the acquaintanceships and highlights the conflicts that the character(s) face. 
I love these two-
If your parents were hippies in the past... look at them now

All the while, Daria may seem uninteresting because the average person doesn't like listening to low voices. You cannot escape listening in to the episode because there are callbacks that you gotta catch.

This show is strongly realistic and does not carry out crazy scenarios like today's cartoons and teenage shows. The viewer won't gain life lessons, but the show seems to sneak in subliminal messages about appreciating individuality. 

Short and a bit sassy, it's a fine choice to watch something while working on homework or something. 

Grade: 6.8-7.1