Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tales From the Crypt : Halloween Loses Hope for Humanity

I've listened to countless horror movie scores, but haven't seen any films lately.
Making lists of mild horror movies by qualifications, but haven't started a single viewing.
Decided to feature numerous horror series for this special week -- I've been Poe'd all week, okay?

  Mantra: You need to suffer the first time because that pain must be felt by all.
    ( don't be a pushover about grammar here! )        |  
    (there's got to be at least one year where one is extremely laidback and satisfying their health/heart over the mind)

As for feeling "Poe'd" all week, consider Edgar Allen Poe. Known for his works of macabre and Gothic writings, the man himself was mad! An alcoholic, struggling to acquire an appropriate salary as a writer, and marriages. I've read only a penny's worth of his works, but I love his dark symbolism, a mix of unusual characters, and a couple titles ( I liked "The Fall of the House of Usher"). In short, I've been dazing and doodling more than studying and being adequately productive with music and schoolwork (music practice -- it makes way more sense to me; it's more practical).

1989 HBO
6 Episodes (22 mins each)
Horror and a bit of Humor

Who wants to hear a gruesome tale?
Gather round, boys and ghouls, as the Crypt Keeper will let you look into the horrific tales of submitted stories for a horror comic (apparently, they exist)

If you hate fairy tales, go to the Crypt.
If you like psychological journies, go to the Crypt.
If you have heard the name, John Kassir, go to the Crypt. 
Just note that the Crypt isn't for everyone.

**Rated __ for nudity, obscene language, terrifying deaths, and adult themes

Each episode seems to center around one Pandora sin: greed. Lust for beauty, money, or just sex, these episodes are the spokes of a wheel. One intersection, yet many roads diverge. Now, whether you take the road less traveled or not, not all of these episodes are on the same aesthetic level. 
The props, outfits (Pretty Woman , did you get your idea of Roberts-Gere from Sin Deep?), and the interactive script gives everything life. No jump scares, so it's great for newbies. On the other hand, 
I experienced (or simulated) a new emotion:
the death of a friend.
The Pilot is brilliant. Quite the premise which may have been a bit racist of minority groups and the debateable 'killing a criminal.' That's settled in other shows, but the unspeakable deed of 'killing a criminal' ends on an ironic, tearful moment for my newly-inducted pal, Mr. Niles Talbot. You better cry a river, otherwise, I'll be shocking your sorry ass ( it don't matter how you interpret that, sweets)

The opening season has shown no signs of bluntness of characters or the script, but a couple episodes 
(All Through the House, Sin Deep, Lover Come Hack to Me, Collection Completed) had minutes of extended silence, a scan of people walking down the street, or just the cameraman panning in a spiral. Little actions, but the kiddies just wanna hear the moral of the episode.
Speaking of morals, I would love to watch this with my family, but there's cursing and pilot featured a nude strippers' club (did not know that until I saw legit breasts; thank you, HBO).  Simplicity is marvelous, but a nicely tied present is... more meaningful and appreciated. That's why fairy tales are captivating, but there is the element of surprise/suspense that the Grimms, Anderson, and Perrault just didn't put on paper. Eliminate the "too good to be true" option and show the importance of being "careful what you wish for because you just may get it!" These tales involve the cost of death for one's own desires. Somewhat dark, but these mindless murderers (the wives, Santa, etc)- 
[most] of them planned these deaths and how to cover it. Such people provoke a second thought to preparedness and fearlessness (both known to set up oneself for success)

The show is mesmerizing almost every minute and the iconic ghoul shall exist forever in your mind!

A show that everybody should know, it is an anthology that is psychologically tense or maybe bloody terrifying. 

Grade: 7.8 
" Remember, kiddies, safety first!! [this Halloween] "