Saturday, October 10, 2015

South Park S4

Little men, it's been a long time... 

South Park- a mix of childhood, adult themes, and inexplicable activity. A series that is still original for today's Comedy Central viewers and newcomers alike.

17 Eps
Black Comedy/ Satire
Aired: 2000 Comedy Central

A spectacular premise tells us all that South Park knows what to do. No experiments yet, but with each episode made in less than a week, there is so much dedication. I'd say was fairly devoted as a viewer (after all, three consecutive posts about South Park? Showin' the love here!)

The pilot is about the lies that childhood pines. Whether you just discovered that Santa doesn't exist (still believing? Either hold faith or be reborn and become Santa) or whatever, the imaginary punch that young children receive from a years'-old lie is one of the worst things imaginable. 
Once again, the kids emphasize everything: the complete cluelessness of a prostitute, advancing a year in education (Fourth Grade, yes!), sassing yo teachers, etc. It's another element that makes South Park stand out even more. 

With each passing episode is a Veggie Tales moment. "Christmas isn't about the little things. It's about presents." Why watch unicorns and rainbows when you can watch shit about reality? South Park is entertaining, all while teaching ethics and the morally acceptable immoralities. 

Wendy, you be cheatin' on Stan --
All in all, it's the same good ol' mix.

I have never forgotten to put my name on a paper, but somehow :
Last time I handed in my measure numbers, my name was on the back and she gave me a 0 (and it was restored to a 100 for the assignment). 
 The recent assignment was write down the typical schedule of your day. I did so and handed it in.
Where was my name? One reason why optimism is more stressful than doubt.
Aigu, if you need to file a complaint, you better do it. Otherwise, you're in for anxiety.