Saturday, October 3, 2015


Young and Wild.
You better live life to the fullest

Aired: 2009 E4
6 Episodes
45 mins each 
Comedy Drama

Five lawbreakers under probation survive a storm and gain powers. Murder, love, and all-good fun follow. 

There is a considerable audience of this show. Definitely understated and unnoticed, genuinity is the leading trait of a handsomely well-casted drama. It is not gruesome or HBO-naked , but there is evident cursing, gestures, and innuendos. Adult themes are also involved: 

Misfits is frequently mentioned as recommended or extremely relevant to young generations. After all, who else is known to prank and vandalize everyone and everything? I loved this show because it seriously speaks to me. 
A high-profile athlete banned for possession of drugs, a hooker gal, a delinquent, a shy bohemian boy, an all-american girl. The different bad boys and girls opens doors to anyone who's just like them. The show focuses on the importance of teamwork, terms of participation, and even society itself.
Before birth, there are already standards. Yet due to human complexities, most succumb to masters, the bad boy stereotype, even stooping to a baseness unimagined by ourselves. Misfits -- these adults chose that high life of living life to the fullest. 
No fucks (okay, for some, this just never happens xx)
Curtis x Alisha
From living to the fullest, obstacles exist. If there's a philosophical or psychological theory about this, then is living the life ever possible? Energy, money, and time separates the age groups after all.

There is an obvious correlation between the powers and the possessor's life. Even the conflicts as people who possess powers, the people they interact with (negatively and positively) impacts them as well. 
It's so cool - these correlations :)

It's not a wacky scenario each episode. There are insights of how extreme these powers may be (time kills), the characters' pasts, among other things. 
Sassy, smooth, and inappropriately funny, the premise sets off the adventure. 

Finally, a show with a thrilling pilot! !
Grade: 8.1

So, that Food Day for a teacher... S/he jokes very often and I've never taken his/her words literally, so I have pondered those words so much. To 
bring or not to bring a small meal? I prepared not fries and whatsoever, but instead fried rice with something Asian-esque. Food was never asked, but I had something to dine on during a free period that day. 

Working toward all As for semester average #1 in four school months. 
Be diligent and sane
Give time for yourself ~