Saturday, October 17, 2015

Princess TuTu

Shoujo that's not entirely girly!

Aired: 2002 
Shoujo, Fantasy

A  storyteller has a curse:his words on paper always come to life!  His final tale of a prince and a raven are told from the afterlife, but what really happens if the ending is altered?  Meanwhile, a duck admires a graceful prince of ballet. 

The artstyle may bother most, but the fairytale elements reels anybody in! With a medley of an opera-style opening (piano and vocalist) and Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers, ballet has never been so bedazzling. Here's the thing before you consider ranting about TuTu :
Anybody can hate musicals, but no one.. NO ONE must dare to detest ballet!! 

The story and the series itself is a woven fairy tale. There are the inhuman qualities of despair and hope, foil characters, magic,even a creature, Ahiru the duck. Fairy tales from oldem times tend to travel a dark route with Cinderella's sisters and their feet and Ariel's suicide? Yeah, you get the picture. TuTu, on the other hand, does not ever become so sinister, but the show discusses how dark one can ever be and even how scheming love is.

The duck is clumsy and adorable, but the viewer will get the morals from focusing on Rue (alter ego: Princess Kraehe). Teaching that the past molds the present person and that we all have our darkest demons, Rue heavily struggles to express her inner feelings ,etc etc. Her alter ego, however, exaggerates all her feelings, as well as possessing Gothic qualities of greed, manipulation, seduction, and self-pride.
A great display of "two sides to everybody," the show expects its viewers to anticipate an appropriate array of friends to shelter out the pains.
  Mytho is the Heartless Prince and yes, Drosselmeyer's tale says that he took out his own heart in his past identity, but he has an epiphany: he wants his heart back! And TuTu carries out her destiny , which is so. His overprotective friend also realizes that you can't run away from your past AND YOUR DESTINY (unless you're in a mob, then...)

Each episode begins with a narrative tale that the episode will be about. But don't skip whatever's afterward, watch it all! All the minor and major characters have their own momentos, problems, and garden time to present, so there is absolutely nothing to drag on (except for Princess TuTu's journey around town to restore the prince's heart).

Cute, magical, and Shakespearean backdrops makes Golden Crown Academy even more magical a place. Perfect for toddlers and your little princesses (and princes, too)
Grade: 7.8-8.3 /10 
She's freckled!
Barely anybody else like that in the anime world, no?

As for the manga (before the animated series), I didn't receive it as positively as the anime. In black and white, I say that one must know how to produce obvious contrasts and handsome/cute/1990-stylized characters. Couldn't classify for this one :
The themes and messages are not as sticky and the two volumes are short reads.