Sunday, October 11, 2015

Family Guy: The Sixth Season

Stewie Kills Lois, Family Guy becomes Star Wars, and Why Are We Not Funding This? This season is packed with many of Family Guy's well-known moments and showing much more ass...
 12 Episodes
Aired: 2007 FOX

Waking before 6AM on a daily basis has entered the weekend! My mornings have changed quite a bit, so if this happens to you, take note and if it feels empty, throw in something to keep you busy 
(sorry, Miguel, but I'd suggest no 'Coffee in the morning')

One of the shortest seasons of the ongoing MacFarlene production, it's 12 episodes with classic Peter and Brian, as the highlighted characters.  
  The bloodiest and most foretelling season yet, Family Guy finally has everything that a viewer could ask for: a little character development (via Chris, for now), jokes that everyone gets, cartoon crossovers, and a little bit of insanity. Perfect for newbies, it's for all the geeks and whoever. 
As for a bit of foretelling...

Everyone's got more time to shine, as the script and peripheral storylines have allowed the rest of the Griffins and citizens of Quahog to show their little faces! Stewie and Brian's convos return and I can't help but sense a bit of a future farewell for the two..

MacFarlane has stated that Family Guy was to last for six to seven seasons. It's not a bad timing, but there is still so much that Family Guy hasn't done yet.

Grade: 7.3

I was gonna bundle Season Six and Season Seven, but sometimes agendas change.
Two more weeks until Halloween and I'm getting ambitious about my horror movie list for the month:

I saw my first horror film on a weekend in September 2015. It was Hitchcock's Psycho.
Anyway, I'm preparing myself for the end of the month with the following films:
(probably not going to finish the list, but it's great to set goals)
**Feel free to start appreciating the horror genre**
The Ring    The Conjuring   Vacancy   The Silence of the Lambs
The Shining   Rosemary's Baby   The Exorcist   Dressed to Kill
House of Usher/Movie Based on Poe Tales   Batman Franchise (for Joker's evil laughs)