Saturday, November 14, 2015

Beavis and H-Town

It's not Houston. . .

Happy Weekend, everybody. I've been anticipating Saturday's arrival since this week, which was suspiciously light of school work and hours of babbling about chromatids, chromosomes, zygotes, and differentiating between mitosis and meiosis. Next week is going to be too fun. Anyway, in today's post, there's Beavis and Butt-Head and a small selection of hentai animes.

These shows are graphic in various ways, so please caution yourself and acknowledge what you're watching.

First up: hentai. I'm not going to mention characters' names because 1) none of these names are iconic and 2) surely there must be someone out there who wants to learn who's who.

Rxxx: Prescription for Pain
2 OVA eps
Grade: 5.4
 A young renowned surgeon wants to be the President of a hospital, but the only obstacle that comes between him is the President 's daughter, whom he did honors of taking her virginity years ago. 

If you've seen Sextra Credit, this show follows the same idea of persuading ladies to be sex slaves, only to support the guy at all times. Because I have seen so, that already takes away premise points and even excitement before hand. Finally, this guy's a fucking arsehole douche! There are too many ungentleman acts that left me not rooting for him all the way. Well, I lost some priviliges, mister.Whatever I gotta say about him is insignificant.
To Linger 
1 10 min video
Grade: 3.2

Just a clip of extremely slow twerking and a censored guy. Nothin to see here!! The voice actress is trying too hard- then again, the girl barely did anything, so maybe that's why there's no orgasmic moaning!!

Virtual Idol Yun
10 min vid
Grade: 2.5

A girl is teased in her grandma panties for at least five minutes. Then the viewer sees that she has a peculiarly glossy pussy.

Poor artstyle coloring. It's great being teased and all, but personally, I'm turned off every time she's shriveling up as if everything that touched her is an electric shock, resembling an electric chair execution.

Pandra the Animation
2 OVAs
Grade: 4.3 (overall)
  Not suggested, but feel free to check it out
Demons cannot be homeless. They have judgemental souls, looking for a worthy vessel (like TVD, no?) 

Just watch the second OVA and the backstory makes sense of the rest of the story . It's extremely uncommon for a hentai to have a 'happy ending,' but I'd say that this show ended on a romantic note, and bonus, a lesbian sex scene. Thou can fallst in love withst one hath doth unto harm .

And let's not forget Beavis and Butt-Head.
1992 MTV
4 eps
 Two barely educated youths stay home and watch TV. 
Under 10 mins each, this show is known to be an omen and the boys grunting.  The unsuspecting schoolwork and the shenanigans of these two heavy metal- rock fans. Only four episodes, the humor is rather tasteless, but maybe these boys make its audience ask themselves if they like their life. These boys aren't runaways, but they've stuck together watching MTV (I feel like the channel's non existent, but then Teen Wolf is still airing).

Consider this season as "a peek into [future episodes]." There feels like there is a deeper meaning behind these two boys, but because of how these boys appear on the outside, it seems like a quaint little place.
At least this gal was in class:


A package of bruised potatoes or vegetables? Sorry, kids, but Kate said "no" to all of this week's viewings. Better luck next time, everyone.