Sunday, November 15, 2015

The [most] Busiest Day of the Year

Grammar intended.. also, guess which show? Happy Saturday, everyone

Woke up at 6:30 after an overnight-until-I-subconsciously-snoozed marathon. Had a 45-minute string quartet (minus bailing cellist), then played Super Smash Bros for the first time (I only got in less than four minutes of play) and watched various episodes with the duo just cuz.
Later, I stayed at my grandparents' home for four hours because of date night. Now, I'm here, writing for yesterday. 
A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry
was recently a class reading novel-play.
This lady plays Mama Lena in
a film version.
16 Eps
Mystery, Comedy

Last season left us with Shawn and his mum, whom we don't see again until about halfway into the third season. Season numero tres is considerably essential, but with the humor that seemed to diminish poco a poco forced a new genre to rise to the surface, ROMANCE. Lassie has a date with his ex, Shawn calls his first/unrequited love after 13 years of waiting, and Juliet has a thing for men's buttocks and uniforms.

The theme for these episodes is "Never what it seems." Are the tears of sobbing elementary students genuine? Why do adults pity the kid even if those tears are a gimmick? Jason, the Friday the 13th guy. To judge a psychopath by serial histories or his motive.. for the mere thrill of no shame, vengeance, dead family member? Are football (American style) players capable of murder?

  The clues add up very well and are a bit easier to spot. The Psych tram has amped up its skillmanship by throwing in some blunders and later realizations made by Shawn, Gus, or the SBPD.  Adding some flaws from deduction makes me like these guys even more. To recognize and acknowledge the mistakes and flaws that push humans to many levels of regret and self-doubt, that's one step of being a better esteemed person. Respect yourself.

  Lots of goose chasings and whatnot.
Preferred Watching Sequence : start after Episode 4 
Grade: 8.4- 8.6
There's a Christmas Special!! (like always)

My English class is currently studying Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. 
Can't wait for more Mercutio. Romeo is totally just infatuated. I suspected so from the beginning, beforehand. 

Good night, America. 
Bonne nuit, tout de monde!