Friday, November 20, 2015

WordGirl S2

Really wanted to write something earlier, but there were papers everywhere!

It's been a fairly hectic and laidback week. Extracurricular tests are in a few weeks and I'm already behind on my required reading. I had a couple tests the past couple days and wham-o! aced, aced, and passed!

  Thanksgiving is next week and my orchestra class has a pie party. I really want to bring a pie, but haven't spent time baking one yet (I only know how to deal with s'more pies).

26 Episodes

Wordgirl is better than ever with more satire about the police, the average archvillain, and dissing Eileen, the lonely birthday girl.

WordGirl has so many ideas about life that there is always something for toddlers to teenagers. Along the lines of ponies, nearly-overdue status, and birthday parties, the vocabulary repertoire stays!

  • applause
  • articulate
  • badger
  • boisterous
  • candidate
  • chipper
  • colassal
  • contestant
  • contrary
  • crestfallen
  • duplicate
  • eerie
  • ert
  • evade
  • excess
  • exquisite
  • interruption
  • lummox
  • memorize
  • nemesis
  • objection
  • petrified
  • potential
  • ramble
  • recollect
  • recycle
  • robust
  • shimmer
  • shimmy
  • snare
  • thesaurus
  • tiff
  • vanquish
  • version
    and much more...
Becky Botsford, aka Wordgirl, is not the only one in the limelight. Everybody's got their moments from her DA mum against Wordgirl case to Tim Botsford's shimmying. 

Little character development, but the adventures are all distinguishable as well as...
I love the villains on the series. Each member schemes and fails to understand his opponent, Wordgirl. I've seen lovesick villains like Tobey who actually hold back their throbbing emotions
and pull out some guns. Problem solved.

The series is on my Top 10 PBS Cartoons, in my head,
so what's not to like?
Do you know the importance of checkered patterns?
I learned from the Checkers episode :)

Ability to be Binged7
Theme Song/ Animation is Present9
Personalities Differ Among Characters7
Alternating Viewpoints/ Camera Work9
Nice! There's Character Development6
Title 7
Suspense/ Surprise6
Absolute Enjoyment

I'm planning to try a Thai Thanksgiving or a similar ethnic holiday theme like a Korean Christmas. 
(but, that'd be a bit too far. I mean, at least 4 consecutive kdramas?) 
Well, it's Movie Night with Brokeback Mountain, Anchorman, Heathers, or Boyhood. 

Bonne nuit, belles personnes.