Sunday, November 15, 2015

Shirokuma Cafe: anime

Shirokuma Cafe / Polar Bear's Cafe
50 episodes -- 3 Openings; 12 Ending Songs
Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life, Romance, Food
One of my favorite animes ever!!! I already have a total obsession with the first opening theme song by JP, "B:-) Boku ni Invitation!!!" (The show has three different theme songs; same vibe, though)
The characters are all loveable and cute-- I guess some of this audience didn't really like Mr. Penguin's *cough* personality..
So, the plot:
There's not really a storyline that the show follows... Rather, each episode has either a character's day or a current issue, and the attempts that he and his friends do to try to resolve the problem.. May be a success or fail.. Either way, there is always a funny part or seconds that adds your humor of the day.
Polar Bear's Cafe is a gathering place and is one of the settings. Also the place where Polar Bear says !most of his puns.
Episode 43: (Part A) Pun Cafe

Polar Bear's friends can't take his puns any longer! So, they try to hatch out
a plan to teach Polar Bear a lesson. 

This show has an amazing cast ... made to make younlaugh ♥ 

I'll just post an album of pictures from the show right here:
▶ album for shirokuma cafe (~30 irrelevant pix)

There is some romance... Rather, the same problems are faced by the 'man' side of the relationship that is hoped for.... 
(whoo! there is one!)
5 Volumes
clean-cut design:

the voice actors, hearing the words, prep you up for getting their pronunciation puns. the manga is easy to read, though. concise script.
Better stop myself otherwise you're gonna be reading for a looong time.

Grade: A+  
Great Comedy and adds a Smile to Your Day!