Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Young & Hungry

This world has a long way to make its 'average' population be like Gabi's spontaneous self....

10 Episodes
2014 ABCFamily
  Gabi applies to be a web entrepreneur's personal chef. Awkward and sassy, she unleashes her troublesome schemes and becomes heavily involved in many awkward situations.

Emily Osment, the entire cast, and guest stars.. finally, a young adult sitcom where it's not about quantity, but quality (in Hungry's case, relevance) .  The cast is diverse ethnically and personality, as well. Whether blondes are a joke or not, the show nudged all the right traits for each character from the very beginning. Gabi's cuteness and boldness to Caroline's over-the-top ignorance and failure to analyze her longtime relationships. The script is snappy as a whole and for each character's lines. On. The. Spot. DAY-umm!!

  Cliches? Obviously, but these little ideas don't stick out like a sore thumb. Rather, each episode's storyline builds from "He Said, She Said," I flew all the way to see you, discovery of an intimate admiration for an acquaintance, etc. Each episode uses the same formula, but because Gabi does not babble her thoughts like Jessica Day, her lines are reserved for greater purposes and like some characters, comedic timing.

  A fresh, snappy show that ties back to its root ideas, Young and Hungry is entertaining, immaturely dirty, all while keeping its viewers wanting more romance, humor, and random entrees and side dishes by the second season.

I got nothin' to complain about- its a mere 10x 20mins and it's absolutely enjoyable.

Grade: 7.9-8.2 

Stay hydrated and snug this winter. Cakes are easier to make than pies. I can't make pies, unless it's.. no, that's not my thing.
First semester coming to a close in a couple weeks- it's not hell, but this new space and environment makes it too easy to ponder reality.
Find a hobby, anything, child. Either you go for engineering or spend years in a professional orchestra or go like Gabi.

It doesn't matter what mindset you have. Anybody can lose weight; anybody can learn how to play the guitar; anybody can be a visionary or establish a new artistic or musical style. Start today. Don't be better, become skilled.
Don't just learn how to be suave with words, figure out how to express your ideas beyond average capability.
  Set an hour a day for music practice, reading, calling a friend, write, do some new shit. Learn to be better. Be better to become skilled. Become skilled to be an Expert, because this is who keeps the art alive and creates a community of devoted citizens.