Friday, November 6, 2015

Feature Friday : Carmen Sandiego and 1997

It's Friday -- whoop, whoop!!

Who knew that three measures of music could be so draining? I failed an in-class playing assessment
(well, I wasn't the only one..), so I had an opportunity to retest through sending another audio file. While practicing the measures in my head versus actually practicing is entirely my liability, being lackadaisical and half-assed already taught me so much. Force yourself to do it! How to spend an hour in the morning (shower, book/reserved homework assignment/study in bed, cook/dine) and read the notes be it yours or handed out by a teacher. Aish, I hate it when the test is chock full of ideas from the notes and guess who didn't really read well into those freebie words?

Anyway, we're going back to the 90s (barely) with Carmen Sandiego and the Korean drama, Answer Me, 1997. 
Tamagotchis and Dial-Up?
Anyone remember?

16 Episodes
Romance, Slice of Life 
2012 tvN

Stubborn, somewhat vulgar Sung Shi Won and her childhood best friend face the teenage problems of fate, love, and the definition of family during the 90s. Told as a reflective narration. 
    (**many viewers proclaim this series to be like How I Met Your Mother, but heh, haven't seen it)

It's extremely light-hearted and satirical, okay? Two pairs of great friends of the male and or female sexes. Most of them marry each other; several reunions, .. No, this does not compare to Friends!

1997 centers around the teenage lives that build up to the adult that one is today. Shi Won matures a ton over the years, yet there's still the little teenager that hangs around. That inner know-it-all fangirl. Open-speech, comfort with sexuality, and her attempts at sassiness puts anybody who's afraid to draw some conversation with strangers to shame. Her acting has pushed to the point of wanting to find myself an Asian squad of guys and gals. Esteem- gotta love it. 
Most shows center on one of the sexes (explains all the swoons from women when the guys get screen time). 1997 drags out the romance aspect, but the show has set a firm fanbase and developed male characters. The show could've just focused on the guys and be even better. 
When a man loves,
what happens?

Taking the road of falling into the cliffs of cliches, 1997 brings up awareness of security. When your parents have to send you off to university and you're really on your own. Another awareness is the definition of family.
Whether tight-knit and protective or dysfunctional or distant, the series pulls out the bro code. Older brother's girlfriend becomes deceased and falls for his younger brother's love interest either because Shi Won looks like his deceased girl or something. Not necessarily acting like a pedophile (she's over five years younger) and not looking peachy on screen, couples like Friends' Alice and Frank are an extreme sight on most places in the world. So, dude, just let her be... or better yet, go to another country and we'll never have to see your masochistic face again!

The setting and props resonate the 90s perfectly.
The Simpsons, Slam Dunk!

'With successful first love' as a main theme, it may serve as an optimistic dwelling for those who never got such a relationship and ponder about it so very often. The characters are toned-down a whole lot from their potential rowdiness. Shi Won may have seemed whiny and blind, but can you imagine the character in reality? Much more exaggerated.

The show may have been a 'smash hit,' but I don't believe it. There was a great potential for more liveliness and if measures had been taken, much more hype from the beginning.
Grade: 6.8-7.2/10
Seo In Guk.
when you gonna play the villain?

8 Episodes
1994 FOX

The ACME technology is constantly being tampered by Carmen.
Zack and Ivy use more brainpower, while
Carmen's henchmen get more screen time!

Shortest season that spans only two continents. The storylines are all much more compelling compared to Season One, so it's three hours of an enthralling adventure!

More introduced ACME agents collaborate with Zack or Ivy, mais oh-la-la, a hotshot detective? What happens when you go to the dark side along the world's greatest thief?
Ooooohhhhhh (ghost sounds)
Grade: 6.8-7