Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Vampire Diaries Season Five

To sum up this Season :::

24 Episodes

A mundane watching experience for half of the time, yet the most powerful finale of the TV series. It gets me welling up every time. One of my absolute favorite scenes - best idea ever? Well, let's just say that it had to be Damon.

The final three episodes would have qualified as "So, a lot happened and this show is easy to comprehend." You can watch the trio or start from Episode 5 and skip Episode 18. What a BORE that one was.

Who missed Mr. Saltzman? 

This season... gosh, that finale just obliterated all knowledge if Season Four. What happened again? Oh, well, moving on.

INTRODUCED CHARACTERS --faces.... most are not revealed. Damon reconnected with an Augustine friend. A pair of witch siblings: One who looks like a not-so-fabulous PewDiePie.

Speaking of, I don't watch YouTubers. You can ask about this later...


Well, it has been revealed that Katherine's daughter , Nadia, grew up into a glamorous punk.

Katherine wants Stefan. Elena loves Damon. Where does Stefan go?
Possibly Caroline? Puh-lease. Can no relationship between man and woman ever be viewed as a mere friendship?

Delena -- finally . 
In case you can't tell,
Stefan is possessed.

There is way too much going on. So much that it seems like time begins to jump about. I got confused several times . Maybe that was because I was washing the dishes while watching.

Finally, a little precaution: the blood level and Gore is obviously less than Klaus' Spotlight. Nosebleeds and the occasional head, but, that's why you watch TVD, right? (The answer is "kind of")

Overall: 7/10 
Trio Episodes (Last Three): 8.4/10

Line: "Dr. CREEPY KEN" -Damon
Or, Elena's stupidity or undecisiveness is mentioned
 (and said to her face!)