Saturday, January 17, 2015

Friends Season Nine

Friends Season Nine
24 Episodes
Aired: 2002 NBC

The spotlight's on Monica, Joey, and Rachel. Every episode has its own plotline that appropriately ties into the characters' life. 

So... how you doing? Lindenberries, one more season and my fourth-grade goal of finishing Friends will be achieved-! This year, I didn't set any goals or resolutions; I'm doing Rememberlutions . So far, the year has been quiet (or as Rachel has said in Season Eight, I think: "nonchalant").
Today's music makes no sense to me - that's the only childhood gum that's stuck with me. In those days of pure carelessness, I'm head-nodding to 90s Rock/Pop. Early 2000s? It's... salty.

Anyway, January. We're not all crazy that February is coming up in two more weeks, right?

Where did Monica's frizz come from? Well, it's in the finale, The One in Barbados (with a Monsoon Among Other Things That Happened) 
This season's finale marks another possible "Friends becoming Lovers" relationship and the confusion of dating people who doesn't choose you, obviously. Chandler has a little secret, which was kept secret for good (competition) reasons. Ross and Charlie-she's a woman-a perfect paleontology couple? 

It's a pretty in-depth view of adulthood , if you ask me. Hiding, liking a friend in intimate manners, having a secret talent. 

Season Nine begins after Rachel has given birth to Emma, who laughs with a little bit of Sir Mixalot. This girl's got eyes ... or maybe she was about a year old already. 

Ross: You have big eyes!
Emma: They were always there, silly!
May as well grow up to have the persona of Pinkie Pie. 

Surprises? A few, I presume. Phoebe and Mike. Is Rachel in another office relationship? Sigh, that woman.

But those aren't the couples that we're watching...
'Tis them!

Freak if you need to. At least these two friends didn't start out by fooling around (I mean you, Monica.. and Chandler). I just love how Rachel slowly developed (and kind of decided) to try to like Joey as more than friends. What I learned about Joey: he's only in his right mind when he's eating or when he's discussing about relationships. Why can't he just be a love doctor? Or maybe he's a little too easy on the job... 

Humor is mild, but watching every second is certain. Every episode keeps you adhered to the characters and the episode, so 

grab some crackers and three bottles of a beverage and watch!
(This is not the funniest season. To me, that award goes to Season Five) 

Grade: 8.5/10 
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