Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Liar Game

My life got its groove back...

It's that week before Semester finals , so, kiddos:

Today, it's a comparative posting of the Japanese and Korean remake of the manga, Liar Game (which I didn't get to read, so that's on the wait list).

I watched the jdrama first and that spoiled the kdrama for me.
Hopefully, you won't still be shackled about your decision to watch any of these series:

 J: 13 Eps
Psychological Thriller
45 mins ea
2007 FujiTV
Working class civilians go head to head in a highly-organized game, with more than meets the eye. Main girl (let's call her "Chica") teams up with a recently released conman ("Niko")

K: 12 Eps
Psychological Thriller
1 hour each
2014 tvN
Same thing, but there's a reason for absolutely everything.

The premises travel at different paces and which version was more eventful? The jdrama already knows that there is much cramming to do per ep. It's great for the viewer, but the finale really felt like closure.

Jdrama vs kdrama!

Casting. The jdrama went all 20somethings for the leads, whereas the Koreans actually cast a 20 and 30 year old elder as a typical symbol of wisdom. Age does not change how 'naive' the main girl seemingly is, but rather challenges the viewer to withstand her pretty little face (I'm talking to you, kdrama)

This guy has my interest more than the
goosechases in the kdrama.

Here's the toss-up question for you, Audience: pick which show you'd like to be on.

 Cameras following you most of the time as you are fighting for a large amount of money, while being viewed ON TELEVISION
 Receive a video cassette or something of the sort and join the game for your own personal gain (lustfully or not, okay?)

The kdrama makes Liar Game a TV reality show and that's what started clawing at me. I've seen a couple Survivor, Bachelorette, and even Naked and Afraid eps and I'm still afraid of watching reality shows altogether! I've always acknowledged anybody's privacy and I have never witnessed a public business transaction, besides bartering and that's it. And Shin as a host.. omo, I'm crying and howling in laughter on the floor just thinking 'bout it.
 Adding in the essence of tv networks by mentioning how desperate the JYN station needs higher ratings or that the producers manipulate the betrayals, etc, etc, just doesn't cut the Korean version any slack.

I'm not a fan of the idea of childhood friends, so I absolutely was bawling my eyes for the last ten Eps of the kdrama . The jdrama expresses the whole 'there's always a larger corporation for all the fun things.'

Kdrama has several fucked -up OMG moments that may irritate you and give up on the rest of the series. I mean, you could draw up your own conclusion or solve the 'past,' with several clips alone. Shin Something usually plays 'villainous' characters, but I felt that this was one of his worst roles. He's just not.. sinister, Joker enough. Hell, he kinda overdid the cackle.

The jdrama. This stuck with me . The cackling of Yokoya, that (spoiler) crossdresser, and Chica's heavy-hearted desire for everyone to get the same amount of money and a truce between everyone.

Ability to be Binged10
Theme Song/ Animation is Present8
Personalities Differ Among Characters6
Alternating Viewpoints/ Camera Work9
Nice! There's Character Development6
Title 7
Suspense/ Surprise6
Jdrama: 7.6

Ability to be Binged5
Theme Song/ Animation is Present7
Personalities Differ Among Characters8
Alternating Viewpoints/ Camera Work9
Nice! There's Character Development6
Title 7
Suspense/ Surprise7
Kdrama: 7(PWS: ep 7 and beyond!)

How far would you go to get your hands on $10 million round after round after round? Wit vs morals - what wins out?

Still on the lookout for songs and or mixes that are basically porn. Standards vary for everything. So, a reason for the messiest person to be considered "somewhat organized."
All those folders under My Standards? Damn! that's quite a great lot.

- My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season One
- Girls, Sex and the City, or some random anime piece