Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Of the Hill, Family Guy

2015... a new year is some great motivation for the other 364 days...

I had plans for 2015 to have a "Korean Christmas" with several consecutive kdrama reviews.
I managed to pull in one Asian drama this holiday season, but the greatest feeling of guilt has found its place in my heart... abandoning and procrastinating any opportunities to watch "essentials, classic shows." 

To feel resolute, just a little Essentials List: 
From what I've heard and seen, 
(obviously, opinions vary among everybody, and this is a pioneering list)
(I myself haven't seen all of these, but from characters, references, gag tricks, etc, etc, I learn)
(in no particular order)
  1. The Office -UK, US versions
  2. M*A*S*H or The A-Team
  3. A medical drama before 2001, cuz why not 
  4. yeah, maybe next year, guys

King of the Hill

Wise and nostalgic, Mike Judge and Greg Daniels present sincere honesty about life and the world as we know it... all without downright satire or caricatures. 

In Arlen, Texas, men drink, tend to their lawns, and sell propane. That's how Hank Hill lives in the sizzling state. With a compassionate wife and his youthfully innocent son, he's definitely a family guy, who speaks the truth ever so docilely. 

Most of the characters don't make foolish decisions, but life is quiet and passing by within the quaint neighborhood. 

Indie and extremely sincere, King of the Hill barely passes as an adult cartoon.
I am completely dumbfounded the more and more I think about the show.
Hank mowed his way into my head and I think he's still going at it.

I really don't know what to say, Peggy, but I would like to discover this "Boggle" game.

Ability to be Binged8
Theme Song/ Animation is Present7
Personalities Differ Among Characters7
Alternating Viewpoints/ Camera Work7
Nice! There's Character Development6
Title 8
Suspense/ Surprise5

Family Guy S9
Comedy - first time in HD!

Coincidence builds upon the past. Jealousy and ego take over this season and 
sweet glory, "MR BOOZE!"

Beginning with a classic Christie mystery, Family Guy already promises deeper psychological mayhem and the problems with romantic relationships. Fixating on something other than using Peter as a whoopie cushion all the time, the show delves into new land with introducing family members, unveiling many truths, and worst of all, consequences of Stewie dabbling with genetic engineering and time. 

Let's face it. Seasons with less than 20 episodes tend to be more relevant and outperform 24-episode seasons. 
The show gets more intriguing with numerous alternating perspectives as shown in "And Then There Were Fewer" or even "German Guy," At least Meg still has her obsession with anybody who seems to love her as a boyfriend **cough, cough, Joe, I'm sorry

Considerably controversial:
Former Nazi Lieutenant and US Veteran

The genius within Stewie

Ability to be Binged10
Theme Song/ Animation is Present9
Personalities Differ Among Characters7
Alternating Viewpoints/ Camera Work6
Nice! There's Character Development6
Title 10
Suspense/ Surprise6

Happy New Year to all of you ~