Monday, December 21, 2015

Love Keeps Going

A melodrama of everlasting love and forgiveness.. 

13 Eps
Romance, melodrama

Mei Le fell in love with Yi Feng. Then, he falls into an affair and Mei Le still stays hopeful, all while slowly melting his younger brother. Yi Lie. 

To clear this up, Mei Le sasses Yi Lie when his poor bastard behavior is so damn snivelous. No hopes of ever ending up with him, no? 

The drama is short, but each episode is an hour. A considerably small numbered cast makes it easy to keep tabs on analyzing each character from the "innocent and promiscuous" to the guy who wants to man up, but still succumbs to women (I guarantee it). 
There are a few notable climaxes, but that happns appropriately due to a great accumulation of family strife (it's not too heavy, luckily), a tormented childhood, and adapting what to accept about yourself. Mei Le could be a feminist symbol of women who take charge of how they run their lives, maybe their hubbies or wives, too. 

 The cast is aesthetically fair. Smoothly foundated faces, suits, sleek hair. Social standing is not highlighted as the mothers and children lived such similar lifestyles. Ohmigod, it's a fluke! Orphaned, mum's little boy, "I love you the most." Family issues are the worst, but everything smoothes out in the end .


Mike He cannot be recognized. I praise his Kingone hairdo and his egotistical roles in the past that have definitely helped mold his overall performance of Han Yi Lie.Surely, there are probably more sophisticated family melodramas out there, but this is an enjoyable drama to start with. I would like to recommend this for Soaps people, but maybe this isn't too hardcore for such devout folks.

Ability to be Binged7
Theme Song/ Animation is Present5
Personalities Differ Among Characters7
Alternating Viewpoints/ Camera Work8
Nice! There's Character Development8
Title 7
Suspense/ Surprise8

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