Friday, December 4, 2015


Whoa, it's Friday, people!

I could've written something yesterday, but I'm gonna use my pass for "I watched 2.5 hours of dance studios." I've learned much about flexibility with time this week. I haven't been tardy* or absent, but I can place myself in the room before my homework makes it to the pile. 

*Well, this just in: tardiness really gets to my head. I was 30 minutes late after 'Call Time' for an orchestra quickie. It's been a long time, Frustration. 

21 Episodes:
2015 ABC Family

Season One left us wondering if Josh bowed down to his queen, Gabi, whom he caught kissing the on-off-the-plane-from-China Cooper. Sophia drops an f-bomb with Gabi and Elliot gets hitched!

This season has two arcs: "About Us" and "After Unemployment." If you're in it for Gabi and Josh, then you're out of luck because that question is still on the loose. Even though the script has lost half of its sassiness and made most of the characters more bored and depressed with their lives, 
Gabi is extremely grateful to her bestie, Sophia. That chica is the total package- defensive, honest, and pretty. And best of all, she's told Gabi off:
"Gabi, with you, everybody's the one...OH, MY GODDD!"
This season brought out different sides of Josh, Gabi, and everyone else. The show has placed an obvious emphasis on homosexuality and self-confidence. I've asked myself how the show seems to 
play Gabi like a puppet with relationships. I mean, in my opinion, she dresses way better when she's back on the market. 

The later episodes switch gender roles of a relationship and pay homage to an I Love Lucy episode 
("I'm never taking this off... Never!") Perhaps this gender bending actions hint at a possible reunion of Gabi and Josh? I mean, they're the ones who've pulled off the considerably craziest things on the show.

So, is Gabi finally coming off as a prissy white bitch? Every little conflict with Sofia is "a big fight," she's got high expectations for her men (maybe this is an exception to the whole 'Is she [finally] a bitch' question) and she's only cooked at least 7 meals this season.

Once again, easy to marathon, references are perfect for jokes ("You were so far in the closet, you were in Narnia"), and Josh's staff members (Yolanda, Elliot) get more screen time, so *claps* Yay.!

Ability to be Binged7
Theme Song/ Animation is Present6
Personalities Differ Among Characters7
Alternating Viewpoints/ Camera Work9
Nice! There's Character Development6
Title 8
Suspense/ Surprise6