Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Young & Hungry and... Saved By The Bell

for the week, guys.. 

Young & Hungry S3
Comedy, Romance
2016 Freeform

Gabi and Josh-- together at last... right?

Last season, Josh sent Gabi off with a food truck and his bro to Coachella. For anybody's sake, these two suffer distances beyond two feet. "Our unstable relationship keeps you stable."

Do not dismiss the firestarter events. History is repeated, even in relationships. The show loves hitting its audience with curveball finales, just when everything seemed settled. 

Patterny wardrobes (with the exception of Eliot's publicist tuxes), a few gag jokes, and a therapist that suggests calling your exes and "make amends." Not at all out of the formula that's created wild goosechases, experimental flings, and whatever else. 

You can stay and enjoy how (awkwardly) long it takes Gabi and Josh to acknowledge their relationship status.. which time just can't tolerate because, life.

Ability to be Binged9
Theme Song/ Animation is Present5
Personalities Differ Among Characters6
Alternating Viewpoints/ Camera Work6
Nice! There's Character Development6
Title 6
Suspense/ Surprise3

Good Morning, Miss Bliss
1989 Disney Channel (and Laugh Tracks!)

Meet a couple of the Saved by the Bell crew in the JFK Junior High, where Mr. Belding is also the principal.  Zack Morris, Samuel "Screech" Powers, and Lisa Turtle are seventh-graders. Miss Bliss cares about her students, as she counsels kids and adults with all sorts of problems (not medical,though).

This short-lived Disney series was picked up and reset as the hit series, Saved by the Bell. Hayley Mills is a lovely actress, even though her character had several English accent slips, but Miss Bliss, your flaws don't exist! 
For someone who hasn't gotten pranked, this woman has luck in her hand!

 Calm and collected, Miss Bliss serves as a role model for parents, teachers, anybody.. 
help out a friend in need. Honesty is best when not overdoing it.
Another thing: keep your doors open. Somehow, Miss Bliss' students can just walk right in and be immediately consulted. On the topic of anything oldfashioned, I'm out to find the show that used "Let's wrap" first, when Vanna White jokes became irrelevant, and if anybody still uses AmEx cards.

gonna miss you, girl.
While Belding, Zack, Screech, and Lisa continued in Saved by the Bell, an activist athletic girl was some girl. Sacrificing her passing a class to refuse participating in an animal dissection and just being herself, Nikki is a girl's girl.
Watching a couple episodes of this 'prequel' should provide a 'Saved by the Bell' atmosphere.

Ability to be Binged8
Theme Song/ Animation is Present5
Personalities Differ Among Characters7
Alternating Viewpoints/ Camera Work8
Nice! There's Character Development6
Title 7
Suspense/ Surprise3

Saved by the Bell S1
16x23 mins
1989 NBC

At Bayside High School, a group of friends make fun of, support, and console each other. A principal is easily flattered and a new kid is "cruising for chicks."

Whether you knew any kid like Zack, Lisa, Kelly, Screech, or Jessie, Saved by the Bell might bring you back to checking out what this group was up to. A successful sitcom at best, the show has wild dialogue, a diverse bunch of characters and their trademarks, and Mr. Belding, nah, make that, Zack Morris.

The show appeals to young adult  audiences with relatable  experiences that only an age of  innocence  and starry eyes can bring. A prominent display is Zack's longtime crush on Kelly Kapowski, who has also caught  the eye of Mario Lopez 's character, A.C. Slater (and captured the hearts of teenage worshippers). Thiessen's character is a cheerleader, a swimsuit mod (Lisa's Fashion Auction, courtesy of Zack Morris?), also, a popular girl in school. With fashionista Lisa and Zack's childhood best friend, Jessie, these girls had much  to say, even without the boys around. Best location besides The Maxx, the  locker room. With lockers tall enough  to hide away a person.

Jokes and humor are mostly found in the  script; perhaps Good Morning, Miss Bliss utilized the middle school age for a portrayal of young delinquency, which I found as an effective mode to be more glued to the episode.  

Grade: 6.7