Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Back to the 50s: I Love Lucy, an American Classic

Maybe I was less selfish than I thought . You know you learned something when you are struggling to confidently reply. Lately, I've been lying to myself, living under that faith, and it took only one friend to disprove so. Don't forget that insecurities are literal words coming out of your mind.
"But, Mrs. Ricardo, I love you, I love you!"
36 Episodes (including the Lost Unaired Pilot)
1951 CBS

Lucy Ricardo will stop at nothing to prove her Cuban husband that she is able.... to do anything! Meanwhile, the Ricardos spend their livelihood with friends new and old.

The Fifties ... a whole lot of Americans watched this sitcom starring a housewife and her real-life husband. That's what it takes to own a television set, folks. Worthy comedy and get a good laugh out of life, eh? 
With a simple formula of a couple puns, costumes, and facial expressions, who wouldn't want to be in Mrs. Ricardo's shoes? A feminist icon and presenting a case where diamonds don't have to be a girl's best friend, Lucy Ball and Desi Arnaz will be forever cherished by Americans then and now.

Assorted jokes in store for everybody and anybody, so go grab some crackers.
Episodes can be viewed in any order as there is no linear story development.
Favorite Episodes:
"Lucy Writes a Play"
"The Young Fans"
"New Neighbors"
"The Freezer"

Ability to be Binged6
Theme Song/ Animation is Present6
Personalities Differ Among Characters6
Alternating Viewpoints/ Camera Work8
Nice! There's Character Development5
Title 9
Suspense/ Surprise6

With no work for the day, I was left with bliss for the day only to do nothing but eat and play music.
If you can, take more outdoor runs and walks. Once you hit temptation for a midnight run, pat yourself on the back because you did good, kid.
Orchestra auditions for next school year are in about 32 days and there is much improvement and artistry needed. But a nap shouldn't hurt my overall well-being for the week.
Going to a beanery on a Saturday? Leave right away wit' yo coffee or whatever and head out for a walk about town ~ because why not?