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Heartstrings (Kdrama)

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15 Episodes 
1 hr each.
Romance, Music
2011 MBC
Updated Review: April 23, 2016
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Two university students battle their pride: traditional instrumental vs. electric, percussionistic rock music. A sudden relationship follows after their ambiguous one-sided despise against each other. All the while, both are participating in a school musical production.
Let's put a couple's youthful years at whoa! the same university in the bodies of feminine singers (sorry, Yongwha's face is in touch with his femininity - ATD (agree to disagree, if you must)

The pilot presents so many elements of future episodes:
-similar outfits on the main characters (hinting at an upcoming bond)

-Gyoo Won's tardiness (pushing the idea of a potential misunderstanding due to being 'at the wrong place, wrong time')
-Yoon Soo trying to push off Lee Shin's 'advances' (don't let the past control your life now; defines mature versus carefree maturation)

Throughout the series, a few loopholes and experimental ideas did not surface again and that's one reason that the drama forced its ending, as well as 'missing something.' Most of the characters are too similar that instantly takes a toll on the potential the series could've had to be a runaway hit. With the exception of the bulimic Han Hee Joo, the interactions of identical-persona Lee Shin and GW to themselves, their friends, and their teachers is bluntly rerun with alternating camera shots.

It is evident that the whole romance aspect revolves around the twas-all-good relationship of the dance instructor and the Korean Broadway director. For what purpose did witnessing their relationship provide?
 Okay, there is the youthful bliss, the irresistible happy company, and the break that everybody's just not understanding. I'm telling you, for women, it's ambiguous: the relationship no longer exists (friendship may remain) or he just needs some time to tend less to you, due to circumstances. Take this into account: most of the full picture. Impulse can be disciplined.

I have seen You're Beautiful and I have to rewatch it sometime for blogging purposes. That was another series with Park Shin-Hye and Jung Yongwha alongside each other. Personally, the acting for Heartstrings is as easy as it gets it seems minus the production time. Be a bit clumsy, smile with your girlfriends, play an instrument, sing, speak comprehendable Korean... However, projecting the atmosphere of the drama onto the audience-- there is room for a letdown.
As the viewer, seeing that a sudden admiration sprung from a temporary 'rivalry' and the open-and-shut ending, this relationship is unfortunately one-sided, simultaneously at different moments. The kisses? Guess who's in it to win it (and Episode 14 or the Final -- mm mm mmm! how our pervy little minds will die to see some sex in a kdrama. i'm just playing.) Heartstrings mocks the amorous minds of that first, meaningful relationship anybody has ever had. Let's face it, ABBA could've been in the background for most of the scenes.
I enjoyed a couple of the piano improvesque solos during 'tense moments' and Yongwha's chorus for "You Have Fallen for Me" (nega ba-rii-so, ba-rii-so! maybe that's not the correct spelling.)

Ability to be Binged7
Theme Song/ Animation is Present7
Personalities Differ Among Characters5
Alternating Viewpoints/ Camera Work7
Nice! There's Character Development5
Title 7
Suspense/ Surprise6
ORIGINAL NOTES: March 1, 2014

Genre: Romance, Musical, Melodrama (I still have no f---in' idea what this is), Realistic Fiction?
15 episodes+1 special

Lee Shin (Jung Yonghwa, from CN Blue), is the leader of a band called "The Stupid" and is a university currently-majoring student in Western Music. He's known for having good looks and having a strong passion for music, but everyone sees him as a distant, cold-hearted person. He likes a dance professor, Jung Yoon-soo (So Yi-hyun), who is easily bothered by him and because of a past love.
  Then, there's Lee Gyu-Won (Park Shin Hye) who is a cheerful, bright, and outgoing girl majoring in Traditional Korean Music. Born into a musical and prestigious family, she lives up to her grandfather's expectations on the gayageum. She knows nothing that is out of her studies, until her friends, who are fans of "The Stupid," take her to a concert and Gyu-Won is immediately admiring the guitarist, Lee Shin.
  Gyu-Won decides to step out of her bubble and audition for a music festival. Her talent and potential is seen by a Korean Broadway director, Kim Suk-Hyun (also Yoon-soo's past love). But, the university's chairman fears that her daughter might be outshined, so she tries to rip Gyu-Won's image. 

  -the love/hate relationship between Gyu-Won and Shin
  -if this makes anyone happy. . . Yungshin!
  -hungry boy by day, drummer by night- Yeo Joon-hee and Han Hee-Joo

   -Yeo Joon-hee's picnic with the chairwoman's daughter
  -practice for any show
 -Shin-hye's hair!!
 -OST/ music
 -Shin's sister finally helps Gyu-Won, "The Great Cook"

 -the chairwoman!!
  -the teacher/student relationship
 -Lee Shin's misunderstanding of Gyu-Won and the director

So, if you're just looking for a sweet love story without stupid characters or just want to remisce on your high school love, then check this series~~
Grade: A(-)

Cast: (source: Wikipedia)

Main characters

  • Park Shin-hye as Lee Gyu-won
  • Jung Yong-hwa as Lee Shin
  • Song Chang-eui as Kim Suk-hyun
  • So Yi-hyun as Jung Yoon-soo
  • Kang Min-hyuk as Yeo Joon-hee
  • Woori as Han Hee-joo
  • Lee Hyun-jin as Hyun Ki-young
  • Im Se-mi as Cha Bo-woon

Supporting characters

  • Lee Jung-heon as Im Tae-joon
  • Jung Kyung-ho as Goo Jung-eun
  • Jang Seo-won as Lee Soo-myung
  • Shin Goo as Lee Dong-jin
  • Sunwoo Jae-deok as Lee Sun-ki
  • Lee Il-hwa as Song Ji-young
  • Moon Ga-young as Lee Jung-hyun
  • Kim Sun-kyung as Professor Hong
  • Seo Beom-seok as Lee Hyun-soo
  • Oh Won-bin as guitarist of The Stupid
  • Song Se-hyun as bassist of The Stupid