Saturday, January 23, 2016

OITNB / Winx S4

Happy Saturday
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Winx Club S4
26 Eps
Romance, Friendship
The Winx face a new clan of villains: the Wizards of The Dark Circle. Gaining new transformations, a new theme song, and being a tad more uptight with their boyfriends, the girls aim to persuade Bloom's hometown to believe in magic and fairies , because that will defeat the Wizards. And in Gardenia, there's another Bloom twin.

I don't know why I chose to watch the series. I've only seen a few episodes as a kid on Saturdays, but that does not prove that this show will ever stand time. Forget that, this show has stuck to using the same formula for each season: 
Any Romance + Clubs/Parties + Pixie-Colorful Transformations + Bloom in Charge

Stella and Bloom - the girls everybody knows and happen to have the 'hunkiest' boyfriends. On Earth, if the girls wanted to make everybody believe in fairies, why hesitate painting an apartment manually? Minus Tecna and Flora, the group fails to grip the facts head-on and struggle to recognize the worried states of their s.os. The Wizards say that they absorb every bit of energy thrown onto them by the Winx; it took five episodes for Tecna to speak up for this?? 

Less 3D backgrounds (no more Alfea!!) and so many Zhu-Zhu flying pets didn't put me at ease; instead, I've been practically screaming at the screen each episode. Yeah, let's just open a pet store and people won't question why animals popped out the computer  through a literal INSTANT DELIVERY or their flying abilities.
One or two places set the backdrop, so no rat-a-tat ping-ponging across Specialists vs the Winx whereabouts like the past. Roxy, the new fairy.. she's like Bloom before Alfea except she's stubborn even though the evidence of the existence of fairies was right before her. Bloom and her ex from high school, what is the need to throw in more sprinkles onto adequacy? 

Ability to be Binged6
Theme Song/ Animation is Present6
Personalities Differ Among Characters6
Alternating Viewpoints/ Camera Work7
Nice! There's Character Development5
Title 8
Suspense/ Surprise0

Orange is the New Black S1
13 Eps
1 hr each (1:3" min opening)
Life, Relationships
-contains nudity and much cursing
-based on Piper Kerman's memoir of the same title
Piper Chapman is living a well-off life after partaking, temporarily, in her lesbian lover's drug cartel. Having a fiance, her life is put on hold as she must serve her time at Litchfield Women's Penitentiary. Forced into the "fishbowl" of prison life, Chapman disbelief in a religious god, etc, etc put her for the battle of her life , en finale. 
I read Kerman's memoir a year ago. It's all from one person vs the Netflix series overlaps and side stories of the women and the staff at Litchfield. The series has a colorful, ethnically diverse cast and this is too easy to disagree with, but I felt like these characters were one and the same multiple times. This is not a show about women becoming lesbian - Piper's 'fatal' attraction to her lesbian partner may have ended in toil, but the show reflects that relationships affect a character. 

A romance between a Correctional Officer and an Inmate
The script is iffy, but the editing is on point. The flashbacks are insightful, a peer into lives of the different ethnically different adults.  As for Piper's past, I am not seeing Piper; instead, I believe Alex's inner feelings and psychology are more revealing during flashbacks of Chapman and her. Could the series be better off without Chapman's will to resolve every sense of strife others obviously hold against her. Just think of her like your ticket into an exclusive no-cameras place. 

Ability to be Binged8
Theme Song/ Animation is Present7
Personalities Differ Among Characters5
Alternating Viewpoints/ Camera Work10
Nice! There's Character Development5
Title 7
Suspense/ Surprise4