Monday, January 18, 2016

Dora and Sally Bollywood

Azul = asshole
Close enough for ya, Dora...

Current state: haunted.
Freeness - spreads quickly and you know it
The nosiest people are fangirls, I swear to you.
It's 3 and it's been a moderately productive day. I finished everything. 
All I have left is a viewing of two films. I prepared for this 3-day-weekend of laidback time last week
and watched "Field of Dreams" last night. 

Handsomely casted and a beautiful tale of whole-hearted glory.

Sally Bollywood
54 Eps
9 mins each
Mystery, Comedyish

Sally Bollywood and her best friend neighbor, Doowee McAdam (voiced by a woman, I knew it!) solve their clients' cases and enjoy some thrown-in Indian-Asian culture and curry.

A passionate detective and a gadgets-and-gizmos devotee? Two heads were never better. An ethnic stand-out, Sally displays academic outlooks and her family of her father (also a detective) and Mrs. Apu (a nanny-mother figure) inserts the Indian importance of a tight family. Comedy and Sally's poetic lyrics make this show fun for anybody. Have fun~

A camera that converts a photo into a mask.
Yes, detectives need a disguise sometimes.
Doowee's gadgets. Next level meaning of 'busy with yo' hands,' honey.

Stage fright. Characters with similar motive or
different weaknesses... realism into play.

Ability to be Binged9
Theme Song/ Animation is Present10
Personalities Differ Among Characters8
Alternating Viewpoints/ Camera Work10
Nice! There's Character Development6
Title 7
Suspense/ Surprise6

Dora the Explorer
27 Eps
23 mins

I know. The girl that knows her way, but lacks self-confidence. Hey, maybe that describes you.. nah, I hope not.

Join Dora and seven newfound friends as everybody learns how to say "abre" each episode for some reason. A cool blue-forest green palette makes it an attraction for children between 2-6. Tune in for reruns, but only with a toddler sibling. Merely for counting, remembering three stops at a time, and 
Sometimes I wonder if Dora is secretly a chocolate cupcake that got a bit of the witch's magic onto her and, like Barbie's Swan Lake world, her friends somehow were able to talk. There's got to be a story about Boots, the animals, the rocks, talkin'.

Ability to be Binged6
Theme Song/ Animation is Present8
Personalities Differ Among Characters6
Alternating Viewpoints/ Camera Work10
Nice! There's Character Development0
Title 8
Suspense/ Surprise4