Wednesday, June 18, 2014

To The Beautiful You (kdrama)

Aired: 2012 SBS
16 episodes
Sports, Romantic Comedy, Gender Bending

The cross-dresser, the secretive high jumper, and adorkable homo victim...

Filled with a stellar cast, unforgettable comedy, and adorable cheesiness, there' s no question why this kdrama made it as a favorite (or maybe it's just because Minho from SHINee is here)..

There are so many great things about this drama, along with some annoying hates:

But first, what's the storyline?
This is a Korean version of the |popular| manga, Hana Kimi. Goo Jae Hee might have taken stalking to a higher level (there are some pretty hardcore stalkers in this series). After watching Kang Tae Joon become the first Korean to win a gold medal for something, she goes overseas to make him jump again after he announces his thoughts for retiring/ quitting. 
  Trying to maintain her true identity as a female, Jae Hee can save herself in most times~ but what happens when she gets close to her newfound idol and love? Ah, and don't forget about our adorkable second lead (SYNDROME!), Cha Eun Gyeol, who may start harboring feelings for "him." 

Aish, somehow, there's a lot going on that it's hard to sum up!! Maybe I should do a tag gist~~ I'm always doing that to friends-- I don't like summarizing on the spot unless I have paper..-- 
So,  The Good! 👌
  1. The Cast 
  2. The Acting 
  3. The Script
  4. The Growing *sexual* Tension in a Silent Atmosphere
  5. Choi Minho's cute smiles??
  6. Cha. Eun. Gyeol!! (Trolling Time) (and his Selcas/Selfies 💘
  7. O.S.T. (SM Entertainment-- Onew, Luna, Krystal, Jessica, J-Min...)
  8. Tensions of Nearly Being Caught 
  9. The End (almost.)

The Bad:

  1. Guys Who Give Up Trying For Their Love || :'( || 
  2. A Biitch?! (don't worry, she takes a chill pill for Oppa!!) 
  3. A Sneaky, Snoopy Reporter -- Is she allowed to blackmail students?? 
The comedy is cute and classic, the jealousies are pretty strong, and the romance between
our leads shows great improvement (somehow, a lot of haters for the first 5-8 episodes.. -shrug-)... Besides the leads' love, there is one relationship that I am a bit confused about~ 
The Hot Doctor, The Single Sensei, and the Traditional Dirt P.E. Coach~~ 
Did Teacher Lee act as if she liked the school doctor or did she really like the guy?
I'm one of the viewers who was a bit confused ~~
For me, it's the pantry I have to look through~~
Teacher Lee's not too hard to impress, man.
You're just overdoing it ~ xx

To a limit, to a limit.

The acting has improved throughout the series~~ it seems fairly obvious. Okay, I seem like I'm just trolling you. How about one more from soccer player, Cha Eun Gyeol and his gay lover who wears chapstick/ lip stuff? Because this is a gender bender and features some pretty tense **sexual** atmospheres, it's due to South Korea' s view on homosexuality that rivals can't kiss, etc, etc... We all know they need the love, though. ->>sob
The Tarot Card Reading of Cha Eun Gyeol: Card 3/3

Oh, yeah, I'm just going to add this in like a storyteller: People say that he (Cha Eun Gyeol) is a mix between G-Dragon and some other singer~~ 



5 Words or Less Sentence: Jae Hee, you're a girl??! 

Oops... And the Stars of the Show!!

Choi Minho (SHINee boy band member) as Kang Tae Joon
Sulli ( f(x) member ) as Goo Jae Hee (says many, "How many guys is she going to turn gay?" ) 

Lee Hyun-woo ( debuted as a child actor and is a footballer on a celebrity football team -- that explains his awesomeness in the soccer scenes)  as Cha Eun Gyeol
Ki Tae-young as Doctor Jang 
Kim Ji-Won as Seol Han Na -- Tae Joon's childhood friend who has lingering feelings that cannot be accepted
Kang Ha-neul as Min Hyeon-jae ; envies Tae Joon's success as a high jumper
Just to add some heat... 
Choi Woo Bin -- cameo for two episodes -- as John Kim, a photographer who is a childhood friend of Jae Hee's; he helped her with the male paperwork
And more people! 
~Smile with a breeze~