Monday, June 30, 2014

Satoshi Tanoue, Ai Shinozaki (A Hole in My Panty)

Japanese Movie.

Genres: High School, Romance, Philosophy of Life
··CAUTION: Nudity (well, almost)... this movie is not about the sex industry. 

I think that this movie is meant to remind us of our teenage selves. Particularly, guys and maybe some gals.. Those Days when all we needed was the girl of our dreams or the guy who will always be in your fantasies... and time.


Three guy friends have one thing in mind on how to spend their summer vacation: lose their virginity (in short, do 'it' or masturbate?) Well, they've got a clock ticking: their summer. So, they do everything from calling bathroom numbers, texts... even stealing a mannequin for unbuttoning shirts! Actually, I think before all of this, a bouncy , bright girl leaves from a man (who is her father) with them... Narumi, along with one of the boys' playboy uncle, give them tips for completing their goal. 

At first, I thought the hat would fly with the wind...
Maybe her hat's on pretty tight. 

This movie has used some issues pretty well ... like Narumi running away from her stepfather. I don't have any friends whose parents are divorced, so I am not sure if I can appropriately feel sympathy. But, sympathy is very easy to show for Narumi. I mean, her mom works and owns a bar where they live! (Sounds like a cool, hard worker to me)

Another issue is accepting the new [life/road]. Narumi doesn't seem to like the new family , maybe the playboy old uncle needs to make his mind about women, or a guy needs to watch his back when starting sex!

'Not adorable.. ' 
Okay, now  for some literature! 
Ahead of me,
There are no roads
Behind me,
Roads will be created
O Nature,
O Father,
You helped me stand up to be independent.
O immense and great Father
Please watch over me 
And protect me through the way 
Always fill me with your verve 
Through this long journey of Virginity.

"Virginity" by Kotaro Takamura  

This lone poem seems to be great motivation for somebody.... who seems to be weaker than she seems. Well, in my eyes, at least. 

It's seemingly basic and hopefully is a first movie. .. NOM. It's nice to have some known names and faces, but that will not cover all the weaknesses. The acting is like a seesaw -- the levels change from decent to wow to bland to what the hell?. The plot is interesting, but there is only so much going on. 

I think this was a confusing, looks-like-it-was-fun-to-film, and some funny bullsh.. It could be considered a time waster, but not in my book.

Grade: 6.3/10 : Lower than decent? 

You'll still have at least two questions after watching. ~~