Monday, June 9, 2014

AIURA : Anime

12 Episodes
Genres: Slice of Life, Comedy-ish, school life
2013 Airing
These are two minute zoom ins of two or three high school girls in their first year. No general plot that flows through.
It's a killer for time, boredom, and maybe just as quick watch.
After all, it is relateable.

In one episode, our three main girls share their own dream from the morning...
Well, they were all bland and tasteless anyway. With a hint of oddity, that is. 

Those little strands make hair seem like hell when pulled ~ 
Sigh ~

Well, the comedy part is found usually as an action and stick out. 
It is pretty much to kill boredom and time. 

Grade: 6.4
Lack of comedy, too much is missing, whenever the girls are talking about stuff, the classroom is always empty..

Well, until we meet again..
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Oh, yeah, the theme song has crabs here and there!

Manga: 6 Volumes

Four panel format. Anime shows signs of drawing ideas from the original manga series. Includes more characters and comparatively, better sketches (comedy-wise)
High School takes the 'pop' out of pop quizzes.
If only it was more like this..

Short Chapters, woop woop!
Grade: 6.8