Tuesday, June 3, 2014


12 episodes + 1 OVA
GENRES:: Romance, Psychological, Drama? (OVA has some comedy)
Amnesia, Amnesia, Amnesia. Apparently there's also a horror game with this name, too. Most of the comments about the series are negative, but fuck the all-out haters! There are only a couple things to hate... Not the whole damn everything.
Please, consider the PLOT:
ON AUGUST 1st, the heroine woke up and found that her memories are gone. She tries to figure out how to get her memories back and ends up learning every angle of events and her acquaintances by waking up in parallel worlds, all on August 1.  Also, she has a mentor and traveling spirit, Orion.

Honestly, if you want to enjoy the series , skip over episodes 3 or 4.. 
The OVA can make up for either the whole series or just those episodes....
I mean, the comedy style has a weird feel to it.... 

•Why People Hate Us•

1. The heroine acts really dumbfounded early in the series..
2. Slow pace? 
3. Quote from Many.. "Waste of hot guys"
4. Weird art?! (Hell no!) 

This series seems to be well aware of by most of the anime viewers, so join us! 

When Anyone Travels Through Parallel Worlds, 
You Get Someone Close as Your Relationship Partner. 

I don't think these are in, dear. Two-toned boots? 
Idk, it looked weird to me.

'You and I can't exist in this world together!'
Love lines. . 

I don't think she's up enough for this, so this way to satisfy Libra's scale is not applicable to the situation here!! 

And Ukyo...

What I liked was the ending and the OST. The action factor... Is practically what the show's missing. 

Grade: 7.4

Or just watch the much more acceptable OVA!