Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kitchen Princess: manga

Kitchen Princess..
Story by Miyuki Kobayashi
Art by Nantsumi Ando (new ♥ ‼ )
Genres: Shoujo, Romance, Food, (School) Drama
47 Chapters, 10-11 Volumes
~it took me 6 hours to finish
About. Najika was saved from death six years ago by her "Flan Prince." Given a silver spoon, Najika sets out to find the guy and discovers that Seika Academy has a similar emblem with the spoon. She studies to enter the high-end place, and obviously passes. Who is her Flan Prince and what stands in her ways of finding him and her cooking?
Cute and adorable!! The characters have a matching art style and there are people you can actually ship. Recipes sound fun and easy , so I already like this mangaka who says she doesn't have a stove and doesn't really cook. The storyline suits the genre of food and romance nicely and the ending is satisfying! 
Below. Reference to Cinderella!
I think this mangaka likes to add fairytale refs to her stories...

If you want to blame God for the tragedies in your life,
Please do so! 
( sorry, Catholics and Cheistians, etc out there, 
It's kind of hard to believe that man appear before women .. 
And other parables )

characters are here on purpose

You see the little granny (who is quite a strong woman.. Not literally.. )

Each volume ends with a Japanese preview and recipes from that volume!! 
Filled with cute characters and a bizarre storyline, check this series out for a lighthearted love story.. I think. Not that many surprises or turning points, so you don't have to hang onto your seat (except for a couple spots that should make you tense..)
But for a seventh-grader, it was quite a drama-filled year at Seika Academy, or maybe there was a popular self-indulged teen model, but we're not all perfect.

Or just for the sweets that Najika makes :)

Grade: B+