Tuesday, August 25, 2015

FIRST HS HOMEWORK and -Cartoon Families-

Take your pick!

Recently, I became a high-schooler. I know that high school was a different experience for all kinds of people. I've seen many previous upperclassmen become nurses, engineers, and some are even living overseas off American soil! While I have yet to pursue a passion (it could be either The Fine Arts or something relating to Anatomy or Medicine -- sooo stereotypical, unfortunately) . I do like science textbooks -- there's always something to read about , which is why I always start at the beginning (even if it's about cells like the textbook for the Biology Olympiad exams -- haven't taken them yet..)

Anyway, having readers from around the globe perks my interest in travel a bit. Don't bother, as World Geography is the first (and only)homework I got on the second day:

Ahh! It's empty space!!

I try not to be biased , but The Simpsons are killing me ~~~~~~
Several reasons are in favor of the show 's goodhearted lessons. But what about the hints of satire (extremely subtle and undetected by me) and Itchy and Scratchy?

Aired in the years where THIS CATALOG SYSTEM existed , The Simpsons Season  Two was all about fighting, protest, and a bit of vengeance.

It is family-friendly for most episodes, but there are several episodes with cartoon Gore (take it literally) and adult themes , like a marriage. I'd say that if you don't think an elementary student developing a romantic interest in a teacher is unusual, then go on and take the dive . Heh, I'm not a strong swimmer but I'm stronger in other areas of physical activity such as strength training -- who loves ankle weights?
Grade:: 7 

Bob's Burgers. A wacky, dysfunctional family, how's the vibe? Er,
WHEN DID THESE KIDS BECOME SO HYPER?? Random cursing ... after just one season, this is what happens? Bob becomes obsessed with his pride, Linda becomes light-hearted and wants sailing lessons, the kids, well, they're trouble. (Not as bad and daring as Bad Tina. Sorry, Louise)

Louise has grown on me since Day One . Such a curious little girl! (she's not that curious)

6.9 (barely any sex jokes, btw)

Nobody should forget the Griffins when it comes to cartoon families. 30 Episodes satisfied a perfect marathon that stretched in four days. Then I had to avoid it like the flu for two weeks of The Simpsons Season Two. Here's the thing about families, in my eyes: when it's live-action, it's a bit more realistic and relatable. Try to cartoonize the Brady Bunch (of course, Family Guy did this so). It's just not the same.

Family Guy incorporates some animations such as this and Ice Age.

Family Guy:: you can skip this season, but this is one of the longer seasons of the currently 13 seasons done series. May as well watch on a Friday through Sunday . Don't binge for three consecutive days... I've heard crazy stories and the longest I've gone binging was 8 hours of Dysebel.
 Grade :: 7.2
We're getting nowhere, but the time between this small journey is refreshing

Finally, I fell in love with American Dad!
Don't worry. Hayley is a college hippie.
I've got a feeling that it's gonna be a new favorite show for me. It's definitely underrated , probably because of either Seth MacFarlane and "Family Guy's downfall", but this political satire-ish show is a must-watch. No more words .
Watch it. Watch it.

Good night, America and fellow readers.